College Announces Campus Advancement Plan: “CAP”

Rose State College President Terry Britton recently announced a campaign to improve aging structures and upgrade critical equipment on the campus through a capital improvements campaign, called “CAP” for “Campus Advancement Plan.” A vote on the plan is scheduled for March 5.


In a statement, Britton said the plan would renovate critical infrastructure, primarily in the older buildings on campus, totaling $22 million in new investments. One of the most crucial parts of the CAP plan focuses on the college’s library, or Learning Resources Center (LRC).

Britton noted that the library is used widely by the whole community, including personnel at Tinker Air Force Base, whose library has faced recent cuts. He also pointed out that tutoring, an important part of the college’s student services, is conducted in the library lobby and is at capacity.

“It’s not just a matter of renovation and repair, but it’s a matter of expansion,” Britton said. “When we built it, we didn’t intend to put testing, tutoring, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) services, all in that area.”

The funding would be sought through a community bond issue in the college’s technical district. The amount required would be about $1.67 per month for a typical Midwest City home, or the price of a 20-ounce soda, President Britton said. The investments would occur primarily in:

• Learning spaces. Classroom buildings, the Learning Resources Center/ Library, and support facilities must be modernized to meet ADA regulations. Comfort space for individual and group study is a major priority. Outdated heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems will be replaced.

• Student support services. Space for tutoring and testing is inadequate. In addition, students, the community, local swim teams, and Tinker AFB personnel make great use of the swimming pool—a key recreational facility in dire need of major repair to remain operational and available.

• Technology infrastructure for the 21st century. Critical enhancements will provide fast wireless Internet to support student learning with a new fiber-optic backbone and increased server capacity.

Facts about Rose State College:

• More than 240,000 people of all ages have enrolled at Rose State since 1970.

• Community members make 40,000 visits annually to the Aquatic Center.

• Tinker Air Force Base and district citizens have free access to library resources.

• Half of all Rose State students are adults from the community returning to school to improve their lives.
Rose State Is An Engine For Economic Growth

• Rose State injects over $35 million per year in economic impact into the community through financial aid awards.

• Students with an associate degree earn $346,000 more over a lifetime than those with a high school degree.

• Rose State programs train adults for jobs in demand in Oklahoma, such as health care and aerospace.

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