Student Gains Nursing Scholarship

Rose State College RN nursing student Cherlynn Bowlan knew she was up against hundreds of other students across the nation. While she “hoped” she would land the scholarship, she didn’t expect to.


Cherlynn Bowlan

“I’m still kind of in shock. You don’t really expect to win,” she said. “You do the work and apply. There were five essays I wrote for the scholarship. It was a lengthy application. There were only 20 people out of the whole United States who were awarded the scholarship, so I didn’t hold my breath. I was hopeful, but you don’t count on something like that.”

Now, however, Bowlan can count the $2,500 she received to further her education. She can also count on the pat-on-the-back of being one of a very few who excelled as a student to get the Phi Theta Kappa’s 2013 Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship. Named in honor of Frank Lanza, founder of L-3 Communications, a global aerospace and defense company, the scholarship recognizes the outstanding academic and leadership accomplishments of students enrolled in registered nursing, respiratory care or emergency medical services associate degree programs.

“It’s not just the financial benefit that comes from it, but also the encouragement,” Bowlan said. “Being selected for an award like this is very encouraging. It means that someone read my essays and said ‘Hey, this person has potential.’”

Using the funding from the scholarship, once she attains her two-year RN degree, Bowlan says she plans to enter the University of Central Oklahoma bachelor’s program. While she has her eye on the eventual possibility of becoming a nurse anesthetist, she says she’s keeping her options open.


“There may be an area of nursing that will call to me once I get into it,” she said. “The nurse can make a complete difference in your recovery, your health and your pain and understanding of what you just went through. I want to be that nurse that encourages you when you are in a bad situation and not feeling good.”

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