College Announces Residential Housing

Rose State College is pleased to announce that it is proceeding with plans to develop residential housing. The college's board of regents recently approved the project, which is now moving into the planning and evaluating stages. A target date of August 2015 has been set for the housing to become available for students.


 Earth moving equipment clears land just north of the campus' Professional Training Center. The area has been selected for new residential housing.

"Rose State College is excited about taking this bold step as we continue to put in place a series of innovate programs and facilities that will elevate the college to a whole new level," said Dr. Jeanie Webb, president of Rose State College.

"The desire for housing has been a consistent theme among many of our students, including our athletes and leadership program students," said Dr. Webb. "We know that providing a housing option can add a new dimension to our students' college experience, and we are thrilled that our board has been so supportive."

The Rose State College campus will be going through a number of major facility-based changes in the next two years as projects begin to be implemented based upon last year's passage of the college's local bond issue. Additions to the library, modern IT infrastructure, and upgrades to the wellness center and aquatic center are among the other changes taking place.

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