About Raider Fight Song

 Raider Fight Song

The Music Club this year, with the schools approval, was able to create a fight song for the Raiders homecoming basketball game. Not only are the members of the Rose State Music Club excited for the honor in creating a fight song, we know that we are apart of the Rose State heritage and hope that this chant will be part of a yearly event that future students can enjoy being apart of. The Music Club would like to thank the school for letting the music club create a chant for the homecoming rally. We also would like to thank all the Rose State cheerleaders who helped perform the chant in the short time they had to learn it. The club wishes to honor the club members who helped get words and rhythms together for the fight song Chris, Bret, Sara, Danielle, Kathryn, Shayni, and Jon. To view the Raider Fight Song, click here.

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