About the LRC

Welcome to the Rose State College Learning Resources Center! 

Located at the east end of campus, the Learning Resources Center (LRC) at Rose State College houses the Library, Instructional Support & Online Learning, the Tutoring Center, Academic Outreach (Interactive TV), Electronics & Telecommunications, Disability Services, and the Academic Testing Center.

Whether you are looking for a place to study, locate resources, ask the Reference Librarian a question, receive tutoring, utilize one of our many other services, surf the Web, or meet your friends, the LRC is here for you. 

The Library includes a collection of over 98,000 print and non-print items, plus many great staff members to assist in accessing information.

Audiovisual Services (AV) includes a computer lab with 40 computers, that have Internet access, and 1800+ videos, primarily supplementing the curriculum. AV is the control center for a campus ten-channel closed circuit television system, as well.

Three Interactive TV classrooms are located in the Learning Resources Center. All classrooms support audio and full motion video interactivity with other Oklahoma colleges and universities, some local high schools, some career/technical centers, and a few corporate locations. The classrooms are used to broadcast Rose State College courses to locations or to receive educational broadcasts from other colleges and universities. State and federal agencies also use the distance learning facilities for statewide training activities.

The Tutoring Center offers free tutoring provided to both Rose State College and area high school students.

Academic Testing Services is used primarily by students enrolled in distance learning courses or those who are required to take make-up exams.

Instructional Support & Online Learning supports and assists faculty who wish to enhance teaching methods through the use of technology. Instructional design personnel assist with a variety of projects, from multimedia presentations to the design and creation of web-based courses. In addition, this office supports the online learning platform which is presently Desire2Learn (D2L).

Electronic & Telecommunications Services provides faculty and staff support primarily for Interactive TV (ITV) rooms but also supports other telecommunications technologies.

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