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About the Math Lab

The Math Lab is for students who desire help beyond their regular classroom instruction and provides individual tutoring for all RSC Math courses on a walk-in basis. The entire staff is skilled in the Developmental courses through College Algebra while select tutors are available to assist with additional courses from Trigonometry through the Calculus sequence.

The purpose of the Math Lab is to offer academic support, not to teach content, but rather to clarify and reinforce concepts. The Math Lab has 20 computers available for working in MyMathLab, and the tutors can also assist students with some technical issues. All Math Lab services are free, and students are welcome to visit the Math Lab to work individually on their homework and use the computers and printers.

The staff consists of a full-time supervisor, Adjunct Math Faculty, and student tutors. The student tutors have succeeded academically in their math classes, been approved by the Math Department, and completed a tutor-training program.

Our Goals

  • To help each student maximize his / her potential in the classroom.
  • To facilitate student’s insights into learning and the learning process.
  • To empower our students to become lifelong learners.
  • To help our students prepare for life beyond Rose State.

We strongly believe

  • Math Lab assistants play a vital role in assisting students as they work toward achieving their academic goals.
  • Every person can learn new processes and acquire new information.
  • What a student brings to the Math Lab (knowledge, confidence, attitude, activities) influences the learning experience.
  • The Math Lab assistant is a guide, coach, and mentor.
  • Errors are a part of learning and provide the opportunity for understanding.
  • Students, Math Lab assistants, tutors, instructors, and college staff form a collaborative academic team that helps students maximize their potential.
  • Our students are responsible for their own actions.
  • In treating students as individuals, keeping in mind that each student comes to us with different skill levels and different strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is better to create in a learner an understanding of a process than to produce a temporary product without that understanding. Therefore, we use probing questions to encourage discovery and thinking.
NOTE: Our services are offered in support of classes and not as a replacement for classroom instruction. In addition we do not assist on tests/quizzes. Faculty can rest assure that the work submitted by the student is their own.


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