Accounting Program Objectives

The overall goal of the Accounting Associate in Applied Science Degree Program is to prepare the student to assume employment in a position with accounting responsibilities. Specifically, the faculty

  1. Give the students a basic foundation in accounting principles so that they will be prepared to learn advanced theory, practices, and principles.
  1. Prepare students to be able to facilitate and/or evaluate internal accounting practices.
  1. Teach students how to apply accounting theory, practices, and principles through the use of major accounting software.
  1. Provide the students with current accounting information so that they are able to apply this knowledge, especially with regard to tax theory and tax law.
  1. Reinforce and expand the students' knowledge of accounting theory, practices, and principles.
  1. Ensure that students have a well-rounded background in business ethics and communications.
  1. Ensure that students will broaden their educational background by successfully completing general education coursework.

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