Application for the Oklahoma Lt Governor/PITSCO/OEIP Grant

The 2015 OEIP will present a minimum of fifteen $1000 grants.  Additional grants will be awarded as funds will allow.  Grants will be presented by Lt Governor Todd Lamb at the afternoon ceremony on July 30, 2015 at Rose State College. 

Guidance:  Applicants must be participants of the 2015 OEIP program.  Applications must be completed on the Rose State College website prior to the morning of July 28, 2015. No application will be considered for approval before the official registration date of July 28th as we will accept only those applications from people who actually register that morning.  All applications will be reviewed during OEIP.  Winners will be selected by the OEIP Committee and presented by the Lt Governor on July 30th.  The following outline is on the website and it will be used in developing applications. 

1.  Project Description – What industry sector(s) of aerospace/defense, agriculture/bioscience and energy do you plan to emphasis and what educational goals will be addressed by this project?  How will this project enhance the educational opportunities of the students it will serve?

2.  Plan to Achieve Goals – What will you do to achieve your goals and how will you carry out these activities? Be as specific and descriptive as possible. Length of description is not important, but clarity is very important.

3.  Innovative or Creative Nature of the Project – How is this project innovative? For example, if you are requesting packaged materials such as a video series or a set of books, how will the materials be used in innovative or creative ways? If you intend to purchase gliders, how will you use them? What do you intend to discover or measure?

4.  Budget – What product(s) will you purchase from the PITSCO catalog and how these purchases support your goals?

5.  Sustainment – How will your sustain this project in the follow on years or classes?


Post award evaluation:  Grant recipients are requested to submit a short evaluation summary detailing how the grant was used, it benefits to the classroom and lessons learned, as well as photos and/or student work samples.  Evaluations are due before April 15, 2016. 

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the planning committee shown below.  Good luck with you application. 

OEIP Chairman:  Ben Robinson:

Elementary School:  Teresa Potter:

Junior High/Middle School:  Kelly Wardlaw:

High School:  Rachel Langley:

Tech Center:  Jana Rowland:

Administer:  Gaile Loving:

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