Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace engineering focuses upon the challenges of flight. The proper aerodynamic shape, the correct engine for clean propulsion, the best materials for light­weight structures, and the safest control systems must be inte­grated to produce an efficient and economical flying machine. An interest in airplanes or spacecraft is often the primary motivation for starting a career in aerospace engineering.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse and exciting branches of engineering. Its scope ranges from the design of very fine and sensitive instruments to the design of mammoth power plants. Mechanical engineering can encompass aerodynamics, lasers, high performance engines, electronic controllers, computer modeling and simulation, composite materials, and robotics.Mechanical engineering involves the creative design, manufacturing, testing, evaluation, and distribution of such devices as automobiles, prosthetic limbs, home appliances, spacecraft, all types of engines, air conditioning equipment, artificial organs, nuclear and fossil fuel power plants, controls, robotics, and many types of instruments.

Program Objectives

· Provide students with a background to solve engineering problems and address evolving technological challenges based on a solid foundation in static and dynamic systems and the material properties associated with mechanical systems.

· Prepare our students with requisite math, science and engineering skills to enter a 4-year institution at the junior level.

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