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Alliance Partnership Degree Programs

The Cooperative Alliance Program gives the technology center student an opportunity to obtain college credit at Rose State College.  You can even earn an Associate in Applied Science degree from Rose State College. 



instructor and studentYounger students can begin building a college transcript while still in high school. The grade(s) you receive from the technology center will be transcribed on a RSC transcript.  The program is also great for adults who are interested in a number of career opportunities and who also want to receive a college degree.

The Degree

The degree offered through this program is the Associate In Applied Science - AAS.

The AAS degree is designed to prepare students for job entry or advancement in their current field.
It serves as an “enhancement” to the goal of technology centers, whose mission is to prepare students for entry into the job market in their chosen field.  The AAS is not a transfer degree.

Degrees available include:

  • Associate in Applied Science in Applied Technology (Student must complete all "AT" level coursework at a technology center as we do not have these programs on the Rose State campus.)  There are dozens of fields from which to choose, such as Automotive Technology, Collision Repair technology, HVAC, and Drafting.  Check out the catalog at the bottom of the page for more offerings and details.
  • Associate in Applied Science in Family Services and Child Development (Program on campus)
  • Associate in Applied Science in Networking/CyberSecurity (Program on campus) 

Academic Service Fees

  • student at computerCollege credit taken at technology centers will have an academic services fee of $8.00 per credit hour.
  • Coursework taken on the RSC campus will be subject to regular tuition and fee rates.
  • High school students - Contact your technology center alliance counselor to find out if you qualify for fee waivers.
  • Adult students – Contact your technology center alliance counselor regarding payment of academic service fees. Some centers may pay for adult fees.

How To Qualify For The Alliance

High School Students 

  • 2.5 GPA – excluding careertech classes OR
  • 19 or higher on ACT OR
  • 15 or higher on ACT Plan (taken as a sophomore)

All students, regardless of how they qualify, will need an official high school transcript

Adult Students

  • No qualifying requirements.
  • You will need transcripts from high school, GED certificate, and any college work you have completed.

Required Forms

High School Students

  • student at computerApplication for Admission
  • Vaccination Status
  • Consent & Statement of Understanding for parent and student signature
  • Qualifying documentation & official high school transcript
  • Teacher signature sheet (careertech will provide)  

Adult Students

  • Application for Admission
  • Vaccination Status
  • Official transcripts from high school and previous college work
  • Teacher signature sheet (careertech will provide) 

Co-Enrollment Process 

You must be a current high school or adult student at one of the following technology centers:

  • Mid Del Technology Center
  • Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center
  • Moore Norman Technology Center
  • Metro Technology Centers
  • Gordon Cooper Technology Center

Please visit with your technology center counselor or Rose State College representative regarding college credit opportunities. Please call (405) 733-7395 for more information 

Complete all required forms and turn them in to designated careertech staff.

Meet with careertech instructor to determine which classes you may co-enroll in each semester. Be sure you can finish the classes by the end of the semester!

Visit RSC, either in a group from your careertech or on an individual basis. Either way, you will need to go to Admissions for admittance to the college and visit with Enrollment Management to meet with a Rose State College advisor to co-enroll and receive your student id card.

“Good Standing” With The College

In order to remain in “good standing” with the College, you must maintain a 2.0 or “C” average each semester.

If your grades fall below a 2.0 average, you will not be allowed to co-enroll the following semester.

You must pay your academic service fees and/or your $15.00 enrollment fee by the appropriate deadline or you will not be able to co-enroll the following semester.

Privileges & Responsibilities

student at serverPrivileges

  • Rose State student id card
  • You are a Rose State student!
  • Use our Wellness Center, Library, Bookstore, Weight Room, Pool, etc.
  • Attend on campus events and receive student discounts on concerts, plays, etc., at the Communications Center.


Protect your transcript! Just like other college classes, the grades you receive at the technology center, in alliance courses, will stay on your transcript FOREVER!

If you should have to leave the careertech center during the semester, you MUST withdraw from the college or you will be given an “F” for careertech coursework you co-enrolled in and you will have to pay the academic service fees!

Get Started!

Please contact your careertech counselor for forms and co-enrollment dates.

Technology Center Catalog (Click to view a PDF of the catalog)

Admissions Information 

Program Forms


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