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Audiovisual Services The Audiovisual Services department houses the LRC's computer lab and audiovisual collection, including videorecordings (Instructions for searching the catalog for a video is here.), computer software, DVDs, and CDs.  Audiovisual Services is also responsible for providing instructional equipment for classroom use; such as, overhead projectors, TVs, video cameras, VCRs, DVD players, laptop computers, and computer projectors.  Professors can also arrange with Audiovisual Services to have videotapes shown in classrooms over closed-circuit television.  Audiovisual Services is located in the northwest corner of the second floor of the Learning Resources Center.

Audiovisual Services is open the same hours as the LRC building; with the exception of the Computer Lab, which closes 30 minutes earlier.  (LRC Hours)

Audiovisual Collection      Audiovisual Classroom Equipment     Closed-Circuit Television

The LRC Computer Lab is located on the 2nd floor at the North end of the Learning Resources Center. The Lab has a total of 41 computers set up for various activities including typing and printing, surfing the Internet, sending e-mail and scanning and editing documents or photos. Click here for software availability. 

Televisons and players for viewing Audiovisual contentThe Audiovisual Center provides a comfortable location for viewing and listening to its collection of over 1500 videos, filmstrips, slides, compact discs, etc.  Although items are only available for in-house use by students, faculty members may checkout audiovisual items for classroom use.   

A current RSC ID is required for checkout.

Individuals wishing to utilize the audiovisual collection must provide A/V staff with the call number and title of the item(s) they need.  Call numbers for audiovisual items are determined by using the Online Library Catalog.     

Audiovisual Services has a wide variety of equipment that professors may use in the classroom.  Call 733-7544 or ext. 7544 to arrange for needed equipment.

Video cameras Laptop computers
Cassette players TVs
DVD players VCRs
Computer projectors Projection screens
Slide projectors CD players
Tripods Filmstrip projectors
Microphones Opaque projector
Transparency maker Overhead projectors


Guidelines for Equipment Checkout

Equipment Picked up by Professors

 We do not guarantee to have the equipment, if advance notice is not given.

  • Equipment must not be taken from the campus unless authorized at the time of checkout.
  • Equipment is subject to recall after a reasonable length of time.

Other Guidelines

Professors should not loan equipment to another professor without notifying Audiovisual Services.

  • Students cannot checkout equipment.  Professors must checkout equipment for students when it is needed for class projects, demonstrations, etc.
  • Equipment must be returned at the end of the semester.  (This does not include overhead projectors.)

Closed-circuit television is available for the electronic delivery of videotapes, television broadcasts, or satellite programming to the classroom.  Under certain conditions, television programming may be recorded for delayed delivery to the classroom.

To Schedule Closed-Circuit Television Delivery

  • Call 733-7544 (ext. 7544) or come to the AV Center.
  • You must provide Audiovisual Services with 24-hour notice. [Exceptions: Calls before 2:00PM can schedule after 4:00PM on the same day.  Calls after 2:00PM will be scheduled after 4:00PM the following day.]  Monday broadcasts must be scheduled before 2:00PM on Friday.
  • If you wish to have a videotape delivered to the classroom via the closed circuit system you must provide Audiovisual Services with title and call number.
  • You must provide the Audiovisual Services with the exact time the program should begin, and with the building and room number where the broadcast will be viewed.

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