Back Up Data Files On CD


1. Put a blank CD (or a CD with available space on it) in your CD burner drive.
2. If a message pops up asking what you would like to do with your blank CD, select “Create a CD” and check the box “Always do selected action.” Click OK.

3. If a window does not pop up, double click on the “CD Burner” icon in your RSC Applications folder located on your desktop. You can also go through your Start Menu and choose “Project Selector.”

4. Click on “make a data CD” and choose the “dataCD project” icon in the middle.

5. Easy CD Creator will open. From here, you can choose any files you wish to backup.
For Example:
The most important files will be located in your Local Disk (C:) “My Documents” folder. Click your mouse on the “My Documents” folder and while holding down the mouse button, drag the folder to the middle of the screen (underneath where it says “Name,” “Size,” “Type,” and “Modified.”) You can also click each folder or item to highlight it and select “Add.”

It will also show you your Project Size on the bottom of the screen. This teal bar indicates how much space you will be using on your CD and how much you still have available. Most CDs have at least 74 minutes (650 mb) of space available. It is printed on the CD whether it is a 74 or 80 minute CD.
You can also change the name of the CD by right clicking on the name assigned to it (in this case, 040702_1131 to BACKUP).
If you make a mistake or try to put too much data on one CD, you can click on any file or folder in the list and “Remove” will highlight.

Make sure if you have any important files not located in your “C:My Documents” folder (like on your Desktop) that you back them up as well. Your Desktop, Favorites, and personalprofile “My Documents” are all located under your User name in the “Documents and Settings” folder.

6. Once you have selected all the data you wish to backup, click on the red “Record” button. Click on the “Options” button in the middle left side of the screen. Click the radial button “Test and Record CD.” Then click “Set as Default.” Your drive type and CD burning speed will vary depending on your burner.
Click “Start Recording.”

1. Find/select the file you want to backup and right click on it. Put your mouse over the “Send To”option and another box will appear. Select the “DirectCD” option.

2. This next screen will appear (a balloon may pop up in the lower right corner, just click on it):

3. Once you have chosen all the files you wish to backup, click on File (in the upper left hand corner of your screen, then select “Write These Files to CD”. You will then start the CD Writing Wizard. Name your CD if you wish and click “Next.”

You can click “Finished” and your disc will eject and you will be given the option to make another disc with the same data.BACKING

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