Campus Network Password Policy

Campus Network Password Policy

In order to facilitate improved campus network security procedures now that we have moved to a single sign-on for access to all campus resources, a new policy went into effect in May 2004 for generating network passwords. The policy applies to all college employee network logons; student network accounts will not be effected by this change. At this time, passwords can only be changed while you are on campus.

The policy is as follows:

  • the password will need to be changed every 120 days
  • The password must meet the following criteria:
  • A minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 127 characters in length
  • Contain three of the four following characteristics:
    · Upper case A-Z
    · Lower Case a-z
    · Utilize numbers 0 through 9
    · Non-Alphabetic characters (e.g. ! $ # & % *)
  • Password CANNOT contain all or part of your username
  • Upon changing a password, there is a 5-day waiting period prior to changing your password again.
  • There is a five password history. (i.e. Your new password cannot be identical to your five previously used passwords.)

For some individuals, it is easier to remember a password if it is based on a familiar quote, favorite saying, etc. Also, swapping numbers or symbols for letters facilitates meeting the criteria.

Examples include:


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