Computer & Information Technology

Computers & Information Technology (CIT)

Welcome to the CIT page where Bits, Bytes, Gigs, and the Megahertz "RULE". We have four computer based programs in our current arsenal, designed to help you become more technically competent in the world of Information Technology.

1. Computer Information Technology: [Associate in Applied Science] This program gives you a well rounded approach to the business world with a concentration in programming languages. Oracle, Java, HTML, Visual Basic and .NET  are the languages you have to select from. Other classes include Microcomputer Hardware and Operating Systems, Micro Applications, Systems Analysis and Design, and Computer Information Systems Management.

2. Networking/Cyber Security: [Associate in Applied Science] This program gives you the opportunity to explore the different network topologies and how to apply them in industry today. Classes available to you include JAVA, HTML, Network Administration,  Microcomputer Hardware and Operating Systems, and Network Management and Design.

3. Multimedia Communication  (Associate in Applied Science) This program provides students with entry-level and advanced design theory, social media marketing and applied skills in the growing fields of digital media. The Graphic Design emphasis includes art, print and advanced digital imaging applications as related to computer- based design. The Authoring/Web Design emphasis includes Web Design principles, Web Programming and Database theory. 

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