Concurrent Enrollment


  1. High school students wishing to concurrently enroll must complete the application for concurrent enrollment and it must be signed by their high school counselor, parent(s), and the high school principal. The signed form confirms eligibility to satisfy the high school graduation requirements, including curricular requirements for college admission, by spring of the senior year.
  2. The student must bring all of the following completed forms/documents
    • Concurrent Form with the required signatures
    • Concurrent Student Contract
    • Immunization Verification Form
    • Official report of his/her ACT/SAT scores
    • Official, up-to-date high school transcript, and
    • Rose State College Application for Admission
  3. The student must come to the Office of Admissions and Records at Rose State College with the documentation listed above.  An admissions officer will meet with the student to evaluate his/her eligibility to be admitted.
  4. A high school student admitted under the provision set forth above may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester not to exceed a full-time college workload of 19 semester-credit-hours.  A student may enroll in a maximum of nine semester-credit-hours during a summer session or term at a college or university of the State System without the necessity of being concurrently enrolled in high school classes during the summer term.  For purposes of calculating workload, one-half  high school unit shall be equivalent to three semester-credit-hours of college work.  Students wishing to exceed these limits may petition the College.
  5. The College will adhere, where possible and allowed by policy, to the number of credit hours recommended by the designated high school official.  Any questions by the student on this policy will be referred to the high school.
  6. If the student withdraws or drops from high school, official notification should be sent to the College.  A student is eligible for concurrent enrollment only while enrolled in high school; therefore, withdrawal from high school automatically will be followed by withdrawal from college.  Official notification of drops or withdrawal of the student from college courses will be sent to the high school.
  7. Summary grade reports for instructional research will be used by the College.  This use does not violate the student's right of privacy as covered in the Buckley Amendment.
  8. A summary grade report will be sent to the high school for students involved in this program at the end of each semester.
  9. A high school student concurrently enrolled in college courses may continue concurrent enrollment in subsequent semesters if she/he achieves a college retention grade-point average of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale.  Following high school graduation, a student who has been concurrently enrolled as a high school student may be admitted to the original institution of concurrent enrollment or another institution in the State System if the student meets the entrance requirements of the receiving institution, including the high school curriculum requirements, and subject to the State Regents retention standards.
  10.  While attending the College, the student has the rights and responsibilities of all students of the College as designated in the Student Handbook and the College Catalog.


Option 1
 High School Seniors  ACT/SAT at 42nd Percentile (19 ACT)
 High School Juniors  ACT/SAT at 58th Percentile (21 ACT)
 Home School Students - Age 17     ACT/SAT at 42nd Percentile (19 ACT)
 Home School Students - Age 16     ACT/SAT at 58th Percentile (21 ACT)

Option 2

 High School Seniors  High School GPS 3.0 and 19 ACT in subject area
 High School Juniors  High School GPA 3.5 and 19 ACT in subject area

[Students may only enroll in curricular areas where they have met the assessment requirements for college placement.]

English   Reading Mathematics   Science Reasoning
 19  19  19  19

Concurrent Enrollment Forms
(All forms are PDF documents)

Application For Admission (PDF) 

Application for High School Concurrent Enrollment (PDF)

Concurrent Student Contract (PDF)

Vaccination Exemption Form (PDF)

Concurrent Enrollment Packet (PDF)

In order to view and print the forms above, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software application that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Click on the link below to download Acrobat Reader. Instructions are available on the Adobe site when you download this application.

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