Credit for Extrainstitutional Examinations

Extrainstitutional Examinations

Rose State College evaluates a student's previous learning experiences by awarding extrainstitutional credit by institutionally prepared exams, standardized national tests such as the subject portion of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement Program (AP) and DANTES (DSST).

Students eligible to receive credit for extrainstitutional learning must be enrolled or eligible to reenroll at Rose State College.  Extrainstitutional credit awarded to a student must be validated by successful completion of 12 or more semester hours at Rose State College before being placed on the student's official transcript.

Only the Subject Examination portion of the CLEP program tests will be accepted.

Institutional charges for administration and recording of locally administered advanced standing examinations shall be at the rate of $5 per semester-credit-hour.  Charges for administering and recording of nationally developed advanced standing examinations shall be at the rate established by the national testing agency for the particular test in question.  No other charges shall be made for the administering or recording of extrainstitutional credit.

Rose State College may award extrainstitutional credit only in those academic disciplines and in courses in the approved curriculum of the College.  A student desiring to apply for locally administered advanced standing examinations should report to the Office of Admissions and Records, where eligibility will be determined and detailed instructions given.  Credit will not be given for a prerequisite to a course for which credit has been granted.  Extrainstitutional credit will not be given for a course in which credit has been previously earned.

Approval to take the test must be granted by the Division Dean.  The Division Dean will make arrangements for administration of the examination.  Any division may establish a waiting period of up to six months for a student to take another advanced standing examination for a course for which he/she has failed an advanced standing examination. 

The neutral grade of satisfactory (S) will be utilized to designate extrainstitutional credit. 


Please view the Extrainstitutional Advancement brochure for information on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement Program (APP), DANTES Subject Standardized *DSST) tests which Rose State College accepts. Prior to any extrainstitutional credit being transcripted, you must earn twelve credit hours at Rose State.

Click to view the Extrainstitutional Credit Brochure

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