Cyber Security In The News

The university is the latest victim of a sophisticated cyber attack that compromised Social Security numbers, birth dates and names for 300,000 students, faculty and staff. Click here to read about the University of Maryland computer breach.

Brian KrebsĀ¹s widely read blog, Krebs on Security, covers a particularly dark corner of the Internet: profit-seeking cybercriminals who make billions off spam, malware and frauds. Click here to read the story.

This story from the August 11, 2013 New York Times technology section presents some of the potential ways hackers could disrupt life as more and more aspects of daily life become computerized. Click here to read the story. 

The threat of cyber attacks on college and university campuses was profiled in The New York Times on July 16, 2013. Click here to read the story.

The Diane Rehm Show aired a story on February 12, 2013 on the growing threat of cyber espionage.  Click here to listen to the segment. 

On Point logo On Point aired an episode on the Pentagon and Cyber Defense on January 30, 2013. Click here to view and listen to the story. 

New York Times logoThe New York Times published a story on February 18, 2013, on a Chinese army unit that is being tied to hacking against the United States.  Click here to read the story.

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