D2L Login Help for Faculty

If you are a Rose student taking a class for college credit, use the D2L Login Help for Students page instead of this one. If you are a student taking a corporate training class only, use the D2L Login Help for Corporate Training page instead of this one.

System Purpose

Desire2Learn (D2L) is the course management system used in our online courses and many on-campus courses. For more information about how D2L is used, see Getting Started with D2L for Faculty.

Account Creation and Course Addition

New Rose D2L accounts for faculty members are created weekly until a few days before the semester begins and then daily on Monday through Friday (unless the college is closed for a holiday). Courses which you are listed as the instructor in Peoplesoft are also added to D2L accounts. This account creation and course addition process is completed by approximately 8:00 AM. 

Login Instructions

To login to the Rose D2L system, go to d2l.rose.edu in your web browser.

If you are a Rose faculty or staff member, your Rose D2L username is the same as your email username (the part of your college-provided email address before the @ symbol). If you have questions about your college-provided email address, read the Email Login Help for Faculty page before proceeding further. Your initial password is your birth date in MMDDYYYY format. If you have previously set up your password in D2L, it has not changed. If you forgot your password, you may use the Reset Password link on the Rose D2L Login page.

EXAMPLE: John Smith – Email address is jsmith@rose.edu and born on July 1, 1950
D2L Username: jsmith
Password: 07011950

Password Changes

It is recommended that you change your password after your first login. You may change your password as frequently or infrequently as you wish. If you want your D2L password to match your other college passwords, you must update it separately in each system. If you need help choosing a secure password, see our Guidelines for Choosing a Secure Password.

Login Problems?

If the Rose D2L login page at d2l.rose.edu does not load or is extremely slow to respond, check our System Announcements and see if there is scheduled maintenance or a known outage. Perform a System Check on your computer to check your basic configuration. If this problem persists, please contact the Rose D2L Helpdesk providing a detailed description of your problem.

If the Rose D2L login page at d2l.rose.edu loads properly, but your username or password is invalid when you try to login, be sure you are using the correct Rose D2L username. Remember your password is caSe-sEnsiTive. Be sure that your CAPS LOCK is not on, and carefully type your password. After six consecutive failed login attempts, your D2L account will be locked for five minutes after which it will automatically unlock. If you still cannot login, you may use the Reset Password link on the Rose D2L Login page.

Support Contact

If you still have questions or problems concerning D2L, please contact the Rose D2L Helpdesk.

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