Dental Assisting Application

To improve the application process, we are using an online application for the Dental Assisting program applicants.  After completion of the online portion of the application (below), you will receive an email with a link to the second part of the application which MUST be completed and returned to be eligible for consideration.  The link also contains important instructions regarding completion of the application process.

Note that portions of the application must be completed and returned separately from the online portion of the application. Failure to complete all of the application process will cause an application to be ineligible for consideration. 

NOTE:  It is strongly recommended that applicants complete the entire application process in advance of the May 14 deadline.

Notify your program director should any of the following situations relate to you:  

  • Convicted of a felony or have felony charges pending;
  • Court committed for mental incompetency;
  • Habitually indulged in or addicted to drugs or alcohol; or
  • Convicted of illegal practice of dentistry.

These conditions may affect your eligibility for licensure, registry, or certification credentials and consequently may have a bearing on employability. All information will be held confidential.

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