DEQ Rules Updates

DEQ Rules Updates


  1. Online Renewal System
  2. How to fill out an application for Water or Wastewater Certification Test
1. DEQ Operator Certification Online Renewal System

For the 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2014 renewal period, the online renewal system will only be available to operators who are current and in good financial standing with DEQ.  If you have late fees associated with your certification it will not be available online at this time.


·         Your DEQ License Number, and

·         Personal email address that you can easily access (Only one Online Renewal Account can be created per email address.)

2. Direct your browser to:


3. Click the “Red First Time User Button”

·         Follow the instructions on the website when creating your new account.

·         If you encounter difficulties with the account creation process, please contact the helpdesk at: 

Local: (405) 524-3468

Toll Free: 1 (800) 955-3468

4. Log in and complete the following:

            Click on “Manage Personal Information.”

·         Verify that your personal information is correct.

·         Change your address if needed.

·         Add your birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format.

·         If your name is misspelled or has changed, please contact Operator Certification at:

(405) 702-8100

·         Save and verify your information.

            Click on “Manage Employment History.”

·         Choose “Add New.”

·         Choose your employer from the drop down menu.

·         If your employer is not listed in the drop down menu, please contact Operator Certification at: (405) 702-8100

·         Add a start date to your employment record.

·         You may add previous employers to the employer history.

·         Save your information and return to main menu.

5. Renew your License.

·         Check the licenses you want to renew and click “Renew Selected.”

·         If there is a problem with your license information please click “Report an Issue.”

·         Complete the confirmation page. Check “Attest” at bottom of page and click “Submit.”

            Choose a payment option:

·         If you are paying with a credit card you will need the billing address, credit card number, cardholder’s name, CVV number, and expiration date on the card.

·         If you are paying with a checking or savings account you will need the account holder’s name, billing address, routing number, and bank account number.

·         Enter the billing information of the party paying for the certification.

·         Click “Continue.”

·         Confirm payment.

·         Print your receipt.

6. Print your license.

·         If your license is in “Available” status at time of payment it will move to “Approved” status after your payment is accepted. Your license will now be able to print.

·         Select the licenses to be printed.

·         Save or open the PDF.

·         Print you license.

·         Cut out the license, fold along the center line.

·         Operator Certification recommends laminating your card for durability.

If your license is Expired, or Pending it will move to On Hold status, and you will be able to print once DEQ  has updated your license status to reflect receipt of any missing information. Most frequently this information is renewal training taken after May 1st.

2. Applying for an Exam -- How to do it right every time
By Kara Stanley of DEQ

Top 5 Mistakes Made on Applications:

·        Using an out of date application form.

    o   The most recent form can always be found at

    o   The link below will open a complete set of updated forms application and

                    requirements needed to apply for a certification.

·        Not completing the application fully.

    o   All personal information fields, training fields, and experience fields are required  on every application.

o   Be sure you’ve signed and dated your application!

·        Not listing sufficient training or the class you will be taking

    o   You must list sufficient training courses to meet the number of required hours of training.

    o   You must also list the class you will be taking as well as the number of hours that class entails.

·        Using the employer address as the personal mailing address.

    o   Operator Certification does not allow an operator to use their employer’s address as their personal mailing address due to the complications that arise when an operator leaves their employer.

    o   Home-Owned/Operated Businesses are an exception as are “on-site” living arrangements at correctional facilities, state and federal parks, and summer or retreat camps.

·        Failing to include citizenship documentation.

    o   A signed, notarized affidavit of citizenship must be included with an initial application.

    o   Right to work documentation must be included for non-citizens and updated at each expiration of the documentation.

What must be done?


Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.  This fee is an application fee, accrued when you apply, not when you take the test.

This application fee is only good for up to 120 days. After 120 days you forfeit it for non-use.


You must fill out at a minimum:

Line 1

Including,     Exam #                Location:            Date:

Line 2

Including,     Last name:                First name:               MI: if you have one

                                    (YOUR) Mailing address:              City:        State:         Zip:

                                    Social SecBirthdatebsp;                            Birthdate:

                                    Home Phone:

Line 6

You must check what class you are taking

Line 7

You must list your experience in water and or wastewater system operation or maintenance. You must list at least the required amount of experience for the level of exam you wish to take.

Line 8:   Most often left blank

List the class you are going to take, location of class, class dates, training hours and if you know the class number.

Listing this class is required and helps you meet the required number of hours to take the class if Line 7 does not list enough hours on its own.

Line 9

Sign and Date the application!

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