Disability Services

Disability Services

Students With Disabilities

Assistive Listening Devices are located in the Learning Resources Center/Library to assist individuals having difficulty hearing the lecturer in a classroom setting. Instructors may check out these devices in the AudioVisual area of the LRC.

Electronic Copyboard may be used by faculty who would like to make a copy of their notes from an electronic copyboard to provide to students in the classroom setting.

Real-time interns can be scheduled in classes for students with disabilities which prevent them from taking class notes. Laptop computers will be used by the interns to provide students with a verbatim paper copy of the lecture. Volunteer classroom notetakers are also used for students needing this service.

Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) provides telephone service for hearing- or speech-impaired individuals. TDD's are located in Employment Services, Student Development area, and Learning Resources Center/Library.

Assistive software available in the LRC-- (Schedule training/demonstrations at the Tutoring Desk, on the first floor of the Learning Resources Center/Library, (405) 733-7417.)

  • JAWS for Windows is a screen reader designed to assist blind or low-vision students.
  • Zoom Text Xtra is a screen enlargement software for low-vision students.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking is for voice-activated computer usage.
  • WYNN is a program designed to help students read text and increase comprehension.

Information for Faculty

Please remind students who have a disability to get their accommodation forms early in the semester. For many new students this is foreign terminology. Help them understand that the ADA statement in your syllabus, applies to them if they had any special services in high school or have acquired a recent disability. In college they must initiate the process! Recap on syllabus statement: Rose State College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADAAA). Students with disabilities who seek accommodations must make their request by contacting the Office of Disabilities Services, located in LRC125 or call (405) 733-7407.

The student will be asked to provide documentation concerning the disability. All accommodations must be approved by the Office of Disability Services. Please consider these ADA Quick Pointers when working with students to avoid ADA conflicts.

Contact Information for Disability Services

Anyone interested in more information concerning services for students with disabilities may call (405) 733-7407 or come by the Learning Resources Center/Library, Room 125, and talk with the Counselor for Students with Disabilities.

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