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Quality Service

The long-standing reputation Disney has for incredible service and friendly employees is not just magic, it is a sound service philosophy consistently applied in business. No matter your industry or organization, we believe that exceptional service is achievable because you control the factors. At Disney, everyone strives to exceed customer expectations every day because our processes are designed to meet this goal. For more than 80 years, this pursuit of excellence has earned Disney a world-renowned reputation for quality service that you can now begin to adapt for the unique needs of your organization.

Course Benefits

Uncover some of the insights behind the Disney service culture and processes. In this course, you will examine the time-tested approaches for delivering world-class Guest service and discover how attention to detail creates a consistent, successful environment for both employees and customers. You will be introduced to insights and illustrations that can help you transform and improve your organization's delivery of quality service.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop an organizational framework that supports consistent delivery of quality service.
  • Adapt the Disney service approach and tailor it to your business.
  • Design quality service standards and processes to create a consistent service experience.
  • Use tools to gauge the needs, perceptions, and expectations of your customers at an individual level.
  • Engage employees, design the setting, and develop processes to deliver on your quality service commitment.
  • Recover effectively from a service failure while strengthening customer relationships.


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