Edit Your Paper

Edit Your Paper Text 

Use the following checklist for editing:


..Are the words and phrases appropriate for the purpose in writing and the audience?
..Are the words exact?
..Are any words or phrases awkward, vague, or unclear?


..Are the sentences structured correctly? Correct any sentence fragments, run-on or fused sentences, and comma splices...
..Are any sentences choppy?
..Can any sentences be combined where ideas are closely related?
..Are any sentences wordy or dull?
..Are all adjectives and adverb forms correct?
..Are all modifiers and identifiers clear and correctly placed (especially almost, only, even, just)?
..Are sentences strengthened through the use of parallel structure?
..Are the sentence patterns varied?
..Is sentence length varied?
..Are transitions smooth?


..Do all subjects and verbs agree?
..Are all verbs complete and in the correct tense?
..Are the verbs primarily in active voice? If passive voice is used, is it used appropriately?


..Do all pronouns and antecedents agree?Are inconsistencies in person avoided?..
..Are all demonstrative and reflexive pronouns used correctly?
..Are all pronouns in the correct case?
..Are any vague pronoun references avoided, especially it, they, this, that?

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