Electrical/Computer Engineering

Electrical/Computer Engineering

Electrical engineers are dedicated to fining innovative methods to use electricity, electronic materials, and electrical phenomena. Computer engineers design computer systems, both hardware and software, to create new technology.

The field of electrical engineering encompasses a very broad spectrum of technical areas, including computers and digital systems, electronics and integrated circuits, communications, systems and control, electromagnetics and electro-optics, energy conversion and power distribution, robotics, signal processing, solid state electronics, and photonics.

The field of computer engineering covers a wide range of computer related technologies including computer architecture, operating systems, communications, computer networks, robotics, artificial intelligence, supercomputers, computer-aided design, and neural nets. Both fields are oriented to meet societal needs.

Program Objectives

· Provide students with a background to solve engineering problems and address evolving technological challenges based on a solid foundation in electrical science and digital systems.

· Prepare our students with requisite math, science and engineering skills to enter a 4-year institution at the junior level.

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