EmPower Works

Eligibility Requirements

Students must have a referral from their DHS caseworker.  We accept students without a GED or High School Diploma. 

EmPower Works is a grant funded program developed with a unique mission to provide work-based learning experiences for recipients who do not choose traditional classroom training programs. The first of its kind in the state, the program focuses on work-based learning experiences three days per week, with two days per week in the classroom.


Students are able to participate in full-time structured job search during their second, third, and fourth week with the program.  Each student is required to participate in the first week's curriculum in order to update resumes and to cover other important work related topics.


EmPower Works Program provides students with the opportunity to combine their job readiness skills with current work experience.  Students are placed in an internship with local businesses and organizations to provide a much needed boost to their resume with current work experience.  This partnership combines classroom experience with actual work experience which allows students to create a positive work ethnic as well as an updated work history.

Point of Contact

LaRica Krischel, Career Specialist                       lkrischel@rose.edu
Patricia Lowrey, Training & Development          plowrey@rose.edu
Janell Williamson, Secretary II                             jwilliamson@rose.edu

Phone  (405)  736-0360
Fax      (405)  736-0356






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