Energy Management Study Program Eyed

Rose State College will propose training in Energy Management under a program established through the National Science Foundation, according to Stan Greil, the college’s vice president for Workforce Development.

If approved, the program will be implemented through an agreement with Lane Community College of Eugene, Oregon, and will focus on both credit and non-credit professional development courses, Greil said.

The courses at Lane Community College, funded by the NSF, include classes leading to certification in energy management, as well as a two-year energy management degree condensed into two weeks of study.

Greil said the college decided to pursue the energy management program after meetings with Oklahoma energy industry leaders.

“We met with officials from ONG, OG&E, Johnson Controls, Tinker Air Force Base and others. Overwhelmingly, they told us there is a great need for energy management training,” Greil said. “The college is being pro-active about this. Now we need to determine what the curriculum will consist of and what we will need to process it through.”

Officials with Lane Community College recently visited Rose State and assured officials that their model will mesh well with Rose State’s resources. Now, Greil said, several officials from Rose State will attend Lane’s program to determine how the model may be introduced at Rose.

“I believe nearly everyone, if not all, of those involved last week found the Lane program to be a very viable model to copy,” Greil said. “The industry representatives reaffirmed our belief that local energy users and managers would take advantage of our collegiate and professional development programs.”

More news will follow as the program develops.

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