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Do you love science and technology? Do you daydream about inventions, weather fore- casting, advanced vehicles, or new sources of energy? At Rose State College you can start making those dreams a reality. Rose State has small classes, new engineering/ science labs, and hands-on experience with professors who really care. Our physics program has been identified as among the ten most exemplary in the country for community colleges. All this makes Rose State the best choice for an associate degree in engineering and science. You’ll be exceedingly well prepared for the completion of your bachelor’s degree.


Biological Sciences

male and female biology students mixing chemicalsAt Rose state we emphasize the excitement of discovery and the development of individualcreativity and critical reasoning skills. Students learn how living things work, how they interact with one another, and how they evolve. You may study cells under a microscope, insects in a rain forest, viruses that affect humanity, or plants in a greenhouse. 


You’ll discover and understand the properties of organic and inorganic chemistry along with instrumental methods of analytic chemistry. Chemistry is a great background for pursuit of a health care career.

Computer Science

The Computer Science Associate Degree Program offers students technical and professional preparations for careers in computer science and transfers to four-year degree programs. Students will receive instruction in computer science core courses and supporting mathematics and science courses.


Learn the discipline of applying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to the design of materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes. A solid foundation is provided in electrical science, materials, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics.

Environmental Science

Students focus on the study of solid and hazardous wastes, air quality, ecology, and industrial hygiene practices. Life and physical sciences are also part of the program.

General Science

This program will allow students not only to earn general education credits in math, composition, the humanities, social sciences, and natural/physical sciences, but also to discover STEM areas of study that interest them.  Explore this degree option which allows the blending of  traditional areas such as biology and mechanical engineering into bio-mechanical engineering and astronomy and physics into astrophysics, as examples. 


female student and instructorUse the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics to develop an understanding of the Earth and its systems.  Students can specialize in geology or meteorology options.


The Mathematics Associate in Science degree program will provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical principles and concepts. The study of calculus and analytic geometry is supplemented with options in science, computer programming, differential equations, and statistics.


Students will learn the foundations of basic physics theory, including materials, electrical science, thermodynamics, and statics. You will study calculus and analytic geometry as needed to understand critical theories and principles.

Baccalaureate Track Nursing

professor demonstrating microscopeThe goal of the baccalaureate track nursing program is to provide students with most of the minimum requirements of a professional nursing school. You will have the science, mathematical, sociological and psychological foundation to transfer on to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing.


This program contains subject matter usually included in the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. You will develop a solid foundation in organic chemistry, physics, microbiology, zoology, and calculus.

Pre-Professional Health Care

The goal of this Associate in Science degree is to prepare students for additional study in medical or allied health fields. Options available include pre-medicine, pre- dentistry, and pre-physical therapy. Students will study a core science curriculum that will prepare them well for bachelor’s and advanced degree programs. Courses range from human anatomy to chemistry to microbiology, among many others.


The primary goal of the Technology Applied Associates degree is to prepare students for technologist and technician positions in government and industry.  Students will gain hands-on knowledge and skills required to support electronic and mechanical systems and components.


Hear what students, alumni, and faculty have to say.

"The professors in the engineering program are excited about what they are teaching.  At Rose State I learned the importance of getting outside your comfort zone and asking questions during lecture.  The small, comfortable classroom atmosphere and the accommodating professors made my whole learning experience very satisfying."        Matthew Schoelen.  A.S. Science / Physics, Rose State College
                                        B.A. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Oklahoma

"Rose is great for engineering and science because all the faculty have a real passion for their respective disciplines.  We are very concerned with the students' lives and we are dedicated to making sure that they are fully prepared for wherever their journey may take them."
Dr. Amy Hurst
Professor, Life Sciences


"I learned so many things at Rose State College that help me every day in my job. I am thankful for the educational foundation and personal attention I received there. I wouldn't have been able to obtain my goals in life without Rose State."
Lt. Glen Cabarcas, Pilot, United States Navy
Dual A.S. Degrees Physics and Pre-Engineering, Rose State College
                                 B.S. University of Northern Florida


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