What can I do with an English degree?

An English degree is a versatile degree that will prepare graduates for a wide variety of jobs. Coursework emphasizes communication skills (a must for nearly every career) and will provide opportunities for students to hone research, analytical, and interpretive skills. English majors are challenged to be both critical and creative, to explore diverse topics, to master the English language, and to be sensitive to context.

An English major will then graduate with a wealth of sought after skills:
- Communicate ideas (orally and in writing)
- Conduct and apply research
- Write for different audiences and purposes
- Influence and persuade
- Explore, present, and analyze alternative viewpoints
- Clarify ideas
- Deliver oral presentations
- Develop hypotheses
- Compare interpretations
- Summarize ideas
- Think independently
- Think critically
- Edit… edit… edit
- Write creatively

Because there are so many directions for English graduates, a student who can begin now to tailor strengths to a particular discipline or career path will be that much closer to landing the perfect job upon graduation.

Explore the Possibilities

Do you think the only thing English majors do is teach or wait tables while they write the “great American novel”? Think again. What can you do with an English degree? The possibilities are endless.

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