English as a Second Language

Free ESL Classes

Each semester Rose State offers free ESL workshops, classes, and tutoring for both students and members of the community.

Our main goal is to help students at Rose who are non-native speakers of English be successful in their course work here. However, we also welcome high school students preparing for future college admission and other members of the greater Oklahoma City community who simply wish to improve their English language skills.
We have individualized instruction with one-to-one teaching by experienced faculty. Students can begin at any level and progress at their own pace. They may choose to focus on instruction among the following areas:

  • Verb Tense Use
  • Article Use
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms
  • Reading
  • Pronunciation
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Listening
  • Diction
  • Academic Writing Conventions
  • TOEFL Preparation

Aprenda Inglés Gratis

Con talleres, clases, y tutores
Para Alumnos y toda la Comunidad
· Alumnos universitarios
· Alumnos en la Preparatoria/High School
· Cualquier persona mayor de 13 años interesada en aprender Inglés
Sin lecturas-asistencia personalizada-nos enfocamos en cada alumno individualmente
Aprenda a su propio paso.
Publicaciones en español y asiático
No necesita inscribirse
DONDE: ROSE STATE COLLEGE en Midwest City- I-40 y Hudiburg

Para más información llame a la Profesora Antoinette Castillo al 405-733-7498 o a la Profesora Chris Knox al 405-733-7386 o visítenos en la internet en www.rose.edu/esl  






安托瓦内特卡斯蒂略405 - 733 - 7498 tcastillo@rose.edu
克里斯·诺克斯405-733-7386 cknox@rose.edu

کالج رزاستیت ٫ هر ترم کلاسها و کارگاهای آموزشی زبان انگلیسی برای دانش آموزان و اعضاء جامعه ارايه میدهد.هدف اصلی ما کمک به دانشجویانی است که انگلیسی زبان غیر بومی آنان میباشد و مایل به بهبودی مهارت زبان انگلیسی خود هستند و برای پذیرش در کالج و یا دیگر مراکز شهر اوکلاهما خود را آماده میکنند. ما با استفاده از اساتید مجرب به زبان انگلیسی را فرد به فرد آموزش میدهیم. دانش آموزان در هر سطحی میتوانند پیشرفت دراین کلاسها را شروع نمایند.آنها ممکن است تمرکز خود را بر آموزش در زمینه های زیر انتخاب نمایند:                                                                                           

- خواندن

- تلفظ

- مها رت کامل شنیداری        

-آشنا یی با لغا ت کا مل انگلیسی           

 - قواعد و دستورزبان و گرامر‍‍‍‍بیشرفته زبان انگلیسی شامل (زمان افعال-حروف تعریف-صفت و......)

Class Times and Location

Class times change each semester, but are consistently available mornings, afternoons, and evenings. We meet on the Rose State campus in the Humanities building, room 130. Please check the right sidebar for meeting times and a map to our location. 

Students may attend just one or as many sessions in a week as they wish. To begin, simply decide the day and time that is most convenient, and then come to class on that day. (Current days and times are listed on the right side of this web page.) On the first day of attendance, students will discuss their goals with a professor, take appropriate placement tests, and then start individualized work with our team of professors based on evaluation of each student's goals and test results. These are not formal classes for which students must enroll in for college credit, so they are free.

For more information contact

Antoinette Castillo 405- 733-7498 tcastillo@rose.edu

Chris Knox 405-733-7386 cknox@rose.edu

Theresa Walther 405-733-7513 twalther@rose.edu

ESL Practice Resources

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