Full-Time Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Institutional Information

Campus Calendar:   Calendar of Events

Campus Directory:   Campus Directory

Emergency Procedures:  All employees need to be familiar with Emergency Procedures. Although information is posted in each room, procedures are also available at this website:  Emergency Procedures (PDF)

Faculty Association:  A web page explaining the function and benefits of the Faculty Association is available at this link: Faculty Association

Faculty College Transcripts:  Official transcripts have to be on file in the Human Resources Office, ADM 102.

Faculty Home Pages:  Many of our faculty have faculty home pages where they communicate with their students. Individual home pages are available at this address:  Faculty Home Pages

Foundation:  The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, benevolent, educational, and scientific purposes in support of Rose State College. The two main areas of focus for Foundation support are student scholarships and enhancements of academic programs. This link displays the RSC Foundation webpage:   RSC Foundation

Full-Time Class Fee Benefit:  Rose State College will pay 100 percent of the tuition for up to six (6) credit hours per semester and six (6) credit hours per summer term for regular Rose State College employees (employed 50 percent or more). Tuition waivers will be available for two dependents of each Rose State College regular employee for up to twelve credit hours per regular semester and nine credit hours per summer semester. The fee waiver can be renewed for a student in good standing. The waiver does not cover repeated enrollments in the same courses except for HPER.

Human Resources:  Personnel resources include benefit information as well as information that you might like to share with others.   Human Resources Office

Inclement Weather Cancellation:  The decision to cancel day classes due to inclement weather will be made by 6:30 a.m.; the decision to cancel evening classes by 3:30 p.m. All major media outlets will be notified of class cancellations. If power is available, class cancellations are also available on the RSC website.

Payroll:  Upon employment, faculty members must sign appropriate documents at the Payroll Office. At this time, the faculty may obtain direct deposit services.

Policies and Procedures Manual:  The Rose State College Policies and Procedures Manual, eighth edition, is available to all faculty and staff on line at this link: Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF). As a searchable PDF document, employees can find information regarding such items as the acceptable grading system, employee benefits, practices and procedures the College uses to do its business, among others.

Remote Access of the Campus System: 

  • VPN Setup Information: Step by step instructions for downloading, installing and running the RSC VPN Client are available at this link:  VPN Setup Information (PDF)

Grants and ContractsFinding money to do something unique is always a challenge. Fortunately, Rose State College has an office that can help to find and write grants to support our teaching. This link will direct you to that office: Grants and Contracts

Technology Information

Rose State College is fortunate to have an Information Technology Services Department which is second to none. If you have needs for troubleshooting a problem with the instructor's computer in the classroom or would like to take advantage of on-campus faculty and staff workshops, specifics are available at the IT Services website on the internal web page.

Audiovisual Services:  The Audiovisual Services department houses the Learning Resources Center's computer lab and audiovisual collection, including video recordings. The catalog, instruction on how to obtain audiovisual services in your classroom, and other information is available at this link:  Audiovisual Services

Campus Systems:  Follow this link to view information about various campus systems: Campus Systems (update link pages)

Cisco Phone System:  Feature-by-feature tutorials for both the single line 7940 and the multi-line 7960 IP phones:  Cisco Phone Tutorials

Computer and Web Policy Information:  The College encourages its faculty to provide current information in their classes. Technology has become an integral part of instruction to reach this goal. However, the College must maintain strict policies to ensure the legality of this use. If you have questions regarding acceptable use of technology in the classroom, consult this link: Computer and Web Policy Information

Instructional Design:  Providing assistance with graphics, video, and other technology to enhance classroom instruction. Use WebCT to supplement an on-campus course or to develop an Internet course.

Instructional Design Information on the Web:

Online Journal of Distance Education Administration
The Sloan Consortium

Instructional Technology

Software Applications

The links at this page provide helpful information and tutorials on the Microsoft Office suite of applications as well as other applications adopted on our campus.
Tips and Tricks

Create a PDF from Office 2007
You may easily create a PDF file from within Office 2007 applications without buying or installing additional software. Microsoft provides, free of cost, an add-in which has been installed on campus computers. Click the link below to view instructions for creating a PDF file quickly and easily.

Create a PDF file from within Office 2007 (PDF File)

Office 2003/Office 2007 File Compatibility
Great news for faculty using Office 2003! Office 2007 files use a new file format that is not compatible with previous Office versions. However, a free compatibility pack is available from Microsoft's web site (at the link below). Simply install the pack and you are set to work with Office 2007 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files)!

Office 2007 Compatibily Pack


Class Management

Assessment Initiative

Information regarding the internal assessment from basic objectives of the program to posting of results from faculty input are available on the internal web site. The site also includes the methods required each semester to provide student data to the Assessment Program Director.

Class Attendance/Grades

Be sure that all students attending your class are enrolled.
Incorporate some method of documenting student attendance for possible questions during or after the semester. Keep attendance for each class meeting the enter semester. This will assist you in providing documentation for various offices on campus, particularly the Veterans' Affairs Office.
You will need to turn in your grade/attendance records at the end of the semester. These records include dates of attendance, recorded grades, method of computing grades, and explanation for "I" (incomplete grades). In case of a question after the semester ends, keep these records in a form that someone in the division office can interpret.
A grade book form is available, in PDF file format, which you may print and use to record attendance: 

Grade book Form (PDF file)

Class Syllabus

The College adopted a class syllabus form for all faculty in the fall 2007 semester. It was determined through the Academic Affairs Committee that this is desirable to our students and useful to the faculty. The format has been adopted College-wide but customization for individual course requirements is allowed. The form and form tip sheet are available at the following links:

Class Syllabus (Word Document)
Class Syllabus Tip Sheet (Word Document)

Copy Work

Duplication services are available on campus through the copy center located in the Student Center. No provision for reimbursement for copy work is available. Copy work order forms are available in your division office. Division offices will provide account numbers. Note that approval must be obtained for more than 500 copies. You should allow 24 hours for your work to be returned to your faculty mailbox.

NEW: As a convenience to faculty and staff, an electronic print request form is now available. A special mail box has been created to receive your copy requests. The link below may be used to open and complete a print request form (requires Microsoft Word 97 or newer version). Complete the form with your name, date, division, phone, account number, and other necessary information. Email both the form AND the file to be copied to:

Print Request Form (Word Document)

Curriculum Forms

All curriculum forms are available on-line in Word format to allow for easy access to all faculty.

Grading Policy

Rose State College uses a four-point grading system: A, B, C, D, and F. For students who withdraw after the drop/add timeframe, a "W" is assigned. If students have completed the majority of the work required for a productive grade in the class, but encounters an extenuating circumstance, the professor may elect to assign an incomplete (I) grade. If the professor does so, conditions for completion must be documented on the back of the grade form submitted to the division office.

Guest Speakers

For liability purposes, the division office must be notified about any guest speaker or guest lecturer in your classroom.

PeopleSoft Grading

Grades are submitted electronically through the PeopleSoft system. Instructions on the process are available at this link:
PeopleSoft Grading System

Downloadable PDF file of "Grade Reporting in a Nutshell"

Campus Resources

Learning Resources Center

It's not just a library any longer but a true learning center. So much is available to aid your students' learning including the Tutoring Center, a computer lab, the Distance Learning Office, class tours of the Center, and the Audiovisual Office. A comprehensive Learning Resources Center webpage provides complete information:
Learning Resources Center

Students with Disabilities

Some of our students need specialized help. At their website, the Services for Students with Disabilities Office provides information about requesting any of the specific assistance available to these students. Services vary from specialized classroom seating to adaptive computer technology.
Services for Students with Disabilities

Testing Center

Located in the Learning Resources Center, the Testing Center provides an individual testing environment for students who need to take a makeup exam. It is critical to provide this service in a student-friendly, yet secure, environment. The Testing Center provides specific instructions for faculty to request and take advantages of their services at this link:
Testing Center

Tutoring Services

Rose State College is an open-door institution which means that some of our students may require additional help in preparing for college-level coursework. Our Tutoring Services link provides information about the type of tutoring available, where it is available, and steps to follow to register for tutoring.

Student Involvement Opportunities

Honors Program

Many of Rose State College's students excel in their classes. An Honors Program is available for students to earn honors credit. The website provides details about how to participate in this program.

Honors Program

Service Learning

Rose State College supports service learning. Faculty provide opportunities to become involved in civic activities which are related to the content of the courses they teach. If you would like your students to participate in this activity, click the link below to the Service Learning web page.

Service Learning

Student Organizations

Student organizations, many of which are directly related to academic programs, have become prevalent on campus, particularly since the initiation of service learning. Information is provided at the link below about establishing a student organization as well as a listing of all student organizations and how to become involved.

Student Organizations

Faculty and Staff Software Training

Free, non-credit training in the use of software adopted for campus use is provided in the Training Center Lab, room 217.  To schedule training, send an email to pfordenbacher@rose.edu in which you identify the session, date, and time of the session you wish to attend.  Please add "Software training" in the Outlook subject line.  You will receive a meeting confirmation through Outlook.  In addition, if you need assistance with any project or would like to receive personal, one-on-one software assistance or training with either Pam Fordenbacher or Ken Roper, please contact us. 

The current schedule for training sessions is located on the faculty resources web page:

Faculty resources web page.

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