Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Whether you are a full-time faculty or an adjunct faculty member, be assured that you are a dynamic part of the College. To make your teaching as efficient and effective as possible, you have to have resources and know their location.

It is our job to provide information to you in a convenient format which will allow you to do your job professionally, effectively, and efficiently. This web page is not meant to supplant the Rose State College Policies and Procedures Handbook, Student Handbook, or Adjunct Faculty Handbook, but to supplement them. This website is meant to provide to you a quick summary of what services are available to you and your students and an efficient mechanism to get to the information quickly and conveniently.

Let us know, through your dean or associate dean, if the information is helpful, and/or if you would like additional topics added.

The links below open pages with information specific to either full-time faculty or adjunct faculty.

Responding & Referring Someone in Distress

As professors teaching in the classroom, you may have the first opportunity to observe a student who is in distress or crisis.  The link below will assist in deciding how best to assist students in distress or crisis.

Click to view a PDF "Responding & Referring Someone in Distress"

Software Training

We are pleased to provide free, non-credit training in software applications used on campus by staff and faculty.  Contact Pam Fordenbacher via email (pfordenbacher@rose.edu) and include "Software Training"  in the subject line to request space in a session.  If you have questions, contact Pam Fordenbacher at ext. 6299 (736-0299). One-on-one training sessions will be scheduled, as requested, if you cannot attend a scheduled session due to conflicts with your schedule.

Read&Write Gold

Faculty, staff, and students now have access to Read&Write Gold on campus computers.  Click the link below to view a training guide for the program.

 Click to view the Read&Write Gold Training Guide (PDF)

Employee Benefits

ITS Orientation

The Information Technology Services Department assists faculty and staff every day with software, hardware, training, and also provides free software to faculty and staff for their home computers.  Click the link below to view a PDF document containing information on the many ways you can benefit from the ITS Department's services.

ITS Orientation Document (PDF)

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