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What is Phi Theta Kappa?
What is Alpha Eta Alpha?
Am I eligible to join Phi Theta Kappa?
How do I join?
I never received an invitation, but I think I am eligible.  What should I do?


What is Phi Theta Kappa?

Now that you have paid your dues, you may be asking yourself: "What is Phi Theta Kappa?" "Besides getting a gold seal on my graduation certificate and paying the fees, what have I joined?" "What do I do now, and what's in it for me?"

Phi Theta Kappa is composed of honor societies from community colleges throughout the world. We have Chapters in Japan, Germany, Canada, and Great Britain with more countries joining. Phi Theta Kappa is an achievement that you have made by being among the very best and brightest of community college students. It shows that you have what it takes to change your world now at Rose State College and your community throughout your life.

What is Alpha Eta Alpha?

Alpha Eta Alpha is the name of the Rose State College Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Most community colleges across the nation participate in this honors program and each college has a Chapter name. Chapters compete at the Regional and International levels by writing essays and helping members grow through service to the school and community.

Am I eligible for Phi Theta Kappa membership?

As eligibility for membership is determined, a student’s cumulative grade for all courses taken, including those taken at another institution, must be considered. Remedial courses or courses that will not apply towards an associate degree should not be considered in the cumulative grade. At least twelve hours of work must be in courses leading to an associate degree in a fully accredited university, four-year college, or two-year college in which the student is enrolled. A student convicted of a felony may not be considered for membership until such time, according to the statutes of the state where the crime was committed, all rights of citizenship be restored. If found to be qualified the student will receive a letter inviting the student to join. Transfer hours from other institutions are accepted. If you feel you are eligible to join, but you have not received a letter, please email advisor Caryl Gibbs at cgibbs@rose.edu, or you may use this link.

How Do I Join?

TO JOIN:  To accept the invitation to membership, please go to www.ptk.org/become-a-member and type in the code that was provided in your membership invitation email. You will then fill out an application form and pay your dues with a credit or debit card.  Once completed, you will have full access to all of the benefits Phi Theta Kappa membership has to offer.


Membership invitations to all eligible students are sent to the Rose State student email accounts during the first two weeks of each semester.  If you have misplaced your letter or did not receive one, please email advisor Caryl Gibbs at cgibbs@rose.edu.

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