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We, the Criminal Justice students of Rose State College, in the interest of expanding our knowledge of the field of Criminal Justice, in the effort to explore different options in our chosen careers, in an attempt to understand more about the motivations behind criminal activity, and in support of those interested in the pursuit of the knowledge, do hereby establish this constitution for the Future Criminal Justice Professionals Club of Rose State College, Midwest City, Oklahoma.


Section 1. Statement of Goals

The goal of the Future Criminal Justice Professionals club shall be to broaden the scope of opportunities available to the students of Rose State College Social Sciences department, Criminal Justice division, through excursions, guest speakers, films and associated exercises, as well as serve as ambassadors for Rose State College.


Section 1.

I. Rules for Membership

A. Active membership shall be granted to anyone who is presently enrolled at Rose State College, regardless of degree or major. Active members must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA for continued membership.

B. Each member of the Future Criminal Justice Professionals Club shall be required to pay membership dues totaling four dollars per year ($4.00) .

Section 2.

I. Roles and Duties of Officers

Student representatives and officers for the Future Criminal Justice Professionals Club shall be selected by the faculty advisor or elected by the active members of the club during the third week of April for the following school year.

A. Student representatives must have completed a minimum of one three-credit hour course in the Criminal Justice (CJ) course offering.

B. Student representatives must maintain a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA.

C. Student representatives must have at least two semesters remaining in their degree plans before eligible for graduation from Rose State College.

II. Officers

The Future Criminal Justice Professionals Club will be organized with the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Officer of Public Relations

III. President

A. The president shall preside over all club meetings and functions.

B. The president shall accept all nominations to fill vacancies until the next scheduled election.

C. The president shall not have the right to vote in club elections on officers or matters of process, except only to break a tie.

D. The president shall coordinate with and arrange guest speakers, films, excursions, and any other club-related activities.

E. The president shall ensure at least one member of the club body is present to represent the club at all Rose State College Student Senate meetings.

F. The president shall organize the promotion of club to the student body of Rose State College.

G. The president shall administer the Oath Of Office to all other officers. Should the president be the one receiving the Oath of Office, the previous president shall administer the oath to him/her.

IV. Vice-President

A. The vice-president shall serve as the president if that office is vacated, with all the duties and responsibilities thereof, until the next election.

B. The vice-president shall preside over club meetings in the absence of the president, but at such a capacity as to retain the right to vote on club matters without the prerequisite of a tie.

C. The vice-president shall perform any duty as appropriate when asked by the president.

D. The vice-president shall be responsible for the Future Criminal Justice Professionals web site, and will keep it up-to-date and maintained.

E. The vice-president assumes the role of Sergeant-At-Arms at all club meetings and will ensure the agenda is followed.

V. Secretary

A. The secretary shall preside over club meetings in the absence of both the president and the vice president, but as such a capacity as to retain the right to vote on club matters without the prerequisite of a tie.

B. The secretary shall distribute copies of the agenda prior to the start of each meeting, and will ensure to the best of his/her ability that enough copies exist for all attendees.

C. The secretary shall keep complete records of all meetings according to the format determined by the president (The Minutes).

D. The secretary will prepare the minutes for publication as public record on the Future Criminal Justice professionals web site.

E. The secretary shall ensure all members are notified of meeting times and locations, as well as special meetings as defined in Article III.

F. The secretary shall keep a contact database, containing the names and a means of contact for all members.

G. The secretary shall be responsible for the obtainment, distribution, retrieval and proper filing of all travel and liability forms as required by Rose State College.

H. During informal discussion at club meetings, the Secretary shall update the club on the club’s Club of the Year point tally.

I. The secretary is required to watch an instructional video prior to taking the Oath of Office.

VI. Treasurer

A. The treasurer shall prepare reports on the financial status of the Future Criminal Justice Professionals club and present them at club meetings in accordance with the meeting agenda.

B. The treasurer shall make and keep record of all deposits into the club’s account.

C. The treasurer shall complete all purchase orders, and ensure that the proper paperwork is complete, recorded and in good order.

D. The treasurer shall be responsible for petitioning the Student Senate for any funds, including any paperwork that must be completed or any justifications that must be presented.

E. The treasurer is required to watch an instructional video prior to taking the Oath of Office.

VII. Officer of Public Relations (OPR)

A. The OPR shall coordinate all activities of the club with the Faculty Advisor, Director of Student Activities, and any other persons or organizations from whom the club must obtain consent.

B. The OPR shall actively solicit and propagate interest in the club and its activities through reports to the Student Senate, adverts or articles published in the campus or area newspapers, and/or posted advertisements on campus or within consenting area businesses.

C. The OPR shall actively seek speakers to attend and address club meetings.

D. The OPR shall promote the club to the local community with the guidance of the faculty advisor.

IX. Impeachment

A. Any officer found to neglect or abuse their office, or convicted for commitment of any felony act deemed illegal by club, college, local, state or federal law, shall be subject to impeachment and removal from office.

B. To bring up impeachment against an officer, any club member in good standing with the club must bring forth Articles of Impeachment, prepared according to the format approved by the President and available from the Secretary. The articles must be approved and signed by any club officer, and the articles presented to the President during the club meeting. Should the President be the subject of the impeachment, the articles shall be presented to the Vice President.

C. The impeached shall be afforded all rights of due process, including knowledge of why the officer is being impeached, by whom, and when the officer can defend himself before an officiating body.

D. The President shall set a time and date for a special meeting of all persons involved, including the accuser and the defendant, as well as the faculty advisor. There must be at least two weeks (14 days) between the time the articles are presented, and the special meeting takes place. The secretary must be present to record the proceedings for public record. A panel of three club members shall serve as jury should the faculty advisor deem one necessary.

E. At this special meeting, proceedings shall proceed as follows:
1) The Presiding Officer, being the highest officer not accused, shall make an opening statement restating the violations brought against the accused, and the severity of the charges.
2) The accuser will have a portion of time not to exceed thirty minutes, should he/she choose, to present evidence against the defendant or to make arguments against the defendant to the presiding officer or the jury.
3) The defendant will have a portion of time not to exceed thirty minutes, should he/she choose, to present evidence in his/her defense, or to make arguments in his/her defense to the presiding officer or the jury.
4) After hearing all arguments, the jury shall deliberate in private should they wish, and pass a verdict of guilty or not guilty. If no jury is present, the presiding officer shall pass ruling.
5) If found guilty, the officer in violation shall be stripped of his/her office in the club. The faculty advisor and the President shall reserve the right to name interim officers to serve until the next scheduled election.
6) If found innocent, all charges against the defendant shall be dropped and properly noted in public record.
7) Should either the Accuser or the Defendant be unable to attend the special meeting, they may appoint one club member in good standing to represent them in their place. All such appointees must be approved by the presiding officer.

F. The defendant, if he/she wishes, may choose to decline the chance to defend themselves in a special meeting. If so, a verdict of no contest shall be recorded, and punishment will be reserved for the presiding officer.

G. Any charges found to be in violation of local, state or federal law shall be presented to the proper authorities.


Section 1 Meetings/Attendance

I. Meetings

A. Meeting times, dates, and places shall be posted at least seven (7) days in advance, on the Criminal Justice Information Boards located at the west end of the first floor and the east end of the second floor of the Social Science building.

B. Two (2) meetings shall be held each month. Active members shall be required to attend one meeting per month. All meetings shall be open to the public.

C. All active members shall be notified of any special meetings at least three (3) days prior.

D. Meeting dates shall be presented to 15th Street News by the OPR for publication.

E. Regular meetings shall be the first Tuesday of every month at seven (7) PM, and the second B Friday of every month at noon (12) PM. If there is a change to this schedule due to holiday or conflict, the revised date and time shall be posted in the predesignated areas. Meetings shall be in the Social Science building room 125.

F. Dates and times for meetings may be changed between semesters to accommodate members and to promote attendance.

II. Voting

A. All active members shall be eligible to vote on any issues at any regular or special meeting. Active members may only cast one vote per issue.

B. Each member may cast one (1) proxy vote per semester. This is to be written, signed, and filed with the faculty advisor, who shall present it to the presiding officer at the beginning of any regular or special meeting. A proxy may be used only for a vote towards an issue announced at a prior meeting.


Section 1 Oath Of Office

Oath of Office

A. I, (full name), do hereby swear that I shall do my best to uphold the honor of the office of (officer title. I swear that I shall not violate any of the articles of the constitution governing the activities of this organization.

Section 2 Grounds for removal from office

A. Conviction in official club impeachment proceedings.

B. Conviction of a felony while in office.

C. Proof of a violation of Rose State College regulations that could result in expulsion.

D. Failure to maintain the GPA as set forth in Article II of this constitution.

E. Two unexcused absences from regularly scheduled meetings.


Section 1. Constitutional Revisions

I. Revising the Constitution

The Constitution, in whole or in part, may only be revised by a majority vote of members at any scheduled meeting. The signature page may be updated without a vote of members.

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