General Business Administration [Associate in Applied Science]

General Business Administration [Associate in Applied Science]

The General Business Administration Option in the Business Administration Applied Science degree program provides the student with a broad base of knowledge to assume a wide variety of professional business position in our ever-changing business environment.

The General Business Administration includes areas of Management, Marketing and Human Resources.

A wide variety of business courses provide the student opportunities for development skills important in the work environment. Course work allows students to critically evaluate a situation and arrive at a considered opinion in context with changing needs in the business community.

The Marketing courses provide students with a study of how to facilitate exchanges between business and consumers or between one business and another. Courses frequently require student to interact with the business community in conducting research programs and company industry analysis. Students are frequently required to function within a group or team.

Discipline Professors:

Gary Murray

Art Zenner

Jim Hester

Gwen Loftis

Ed Wolf

Suggested Schedule

The suggested course sequence is based on twelve hours per semester.  The general education courses are not listed in the suggestion course sequence.   Students are advised to enroll in a combination of Business Administration specialty courses and general education courses. 

A typical program of students includes:

BA 1103 ACCT 1123 MKTG 2213 OR BA 2503
BA 1303 CIT 1093 OR MKTG 2103 BA 2523
BA 2413 CIT 1103 BA 2513 Program Elective
MKTG 1503 MGMT 2103 MGMT 2113  
    Gen. Bus. Elective  

*ACCT 1123 prerequisite must be satisfied.

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