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    Final grades are reported for each student for every course undertaken according to the following grading system:






    4 Points



    3 Points



    2 Points



    1 Point



    0 Points



    Not Computed


    Grade Not Reported

    Not Computed



    Not Computed



    Not Computed



    Not Computed



    Not Computed


    Administrative Withdrawal

    Not Computed


    GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA): Grade points are computed by multiplying the number of points that a particular grade (A, B, C, etc.) carries by the number of credit hours in a course. The grade point average may be found by adding the grade points for all courses and dividing them by the total number of applicable credit hours attempted.

    To graduate with an associate degree, a student must have completed sixty-two hours with a minimum of 2.0 on courses to be presented for graduation. At least a AC@ grade must have been earned in each course in the Program Requirements section for the degree sought.

    "W" GRADES: An automatic withdrawal grade of AW@ is issued when a student initiates a withdrawal during the allowable withdrawal period. The withdrawal period for an automatic AW@ will begin after the tenth day of classes in the regular session and the fifth day of classes in the summer term and will not exceed twelve weeks of a sixteen-week semester or, in general, not exceed three-fourths of the duration of any term. A student requesting to drop a class/classes after this deadline must have approval of faculty member(s) and division dean(s). The approval is discretionary, but the student must be passing the course(s). The last day a student will be allowed to withdraw from a class is the last day of class work before the final exams begin.

    "AW" GRADES: Administrative Withdrawal may be assigned by the Office of Academic Affairs to indicate that a student has been "involuntarily" withdrawn by the institution during the designated semester for disciplinary or financial reasons or inadequate attendance. Institutional procedures will be followed before the "AW" is assigned. Administrative withdrawals are GPA neutral.

    INCOMPLETE GRADES: When a student has failed to complete the requirements of a course, he/she may be given an incomplete ("I") grade. To be awarded this grade, the student must present valid reasons for not having completed the course requirements to the professor, who with his/her Division Dean will determine the validity in all cases.

    Incomplete grades must be removed within two regular semesters; otherwise, they remain as incomplete on the student's permanent record.

    CHALLENGING A GRADE: One of the functions of the Academic Grade Appeals Committee is to provide an opportunity for students to challenge a final grade, provided a solution cannot be reached through proper academic channels. Appeals for this purpose must be made within 90 days after the grade in question appears on the permanent record. Information concerning procedures to be followed is available from the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (AD 200) or division offices.

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    Honor Roll:

    ENROLLED IN 12 HOURS OR MORE: Honor Rolls will contain the names of students who have completed twelve or more credit hours within one semester with a grade average of B (3.0) or better. The President's Honor Roll is for students with a grade point average of 4.0; and the Vice President's Honor Roll is for students with a grade point average of 3.0-3.99 with no course grade below a "C" including the grade of AU.@ Grades of AS@ are neutral and are not figured in the students=s semester grade point average; and only College credit courses (excludes AO@ level courses) generating AS@ grades will be considered toward the number of enrolled hours required for Honor Roll consideration. A student must complete any course for which an "I" was awarded before he/she may be considered for the Honor Roll.

    ENROLLED IN 6 TO 11 HOURS: Honor Rolls for part-time students, those who are at least half-time (six hours or more), will be based on the same academic standards as the full-time Honor Rolls. A student must complete any course for which an "I" was awarded before he/she may be considered for the Honor Roll.

    ENROLLED IN SUMMER SESSION: Honor Rolls for a summer session will contain the names of students who have completed six or more credit hours with a grade average of "B" (3.0) or better. The same academic standards required during the fall and spring semesters for President's Honor Roll (4.0 GPA) and Vice President's Honor Roll (3.0 - 3.99 GPA) will be required for summer semester Honor Rolls. In addition, a student must complete any course for which an "I" was awarded before he/she may be considered for the Honor Roll.

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    Academic Status Classification:

    GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING signifies any student who meets the retention requirements as set forth in this policy is in good academic standing.

    ACADEMIC NOTICE signifies that the student is not making normal academic progress. It is a condition that could lead to serious academic problems if academic performance does not improve. The student is urged to seek advice and guidance from a Student Development Counselor.

    ACADEMIC PROBATION signifies that the student has failed to maintain the necessary grade average on all work completed and must seek permission to enroll from the Registrar. (See Academic Probation in the following section.)

    ACADEMIC SUSPENSION signifies that the student has failed to achieve the required grade average while on Academic Probation and will not be permitted to enroll at ROSE STATE COLLEGE for a minimum period of a 16-week fall or spring semester. (See Academic Suspension in the following section.)

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    Retention Policies:

    Cumulative GPA Requirements: A student is expected to maintain a cumulative, satisfactory GPA for the duration of his/her college experience. Effective beginning Fall 1993, a student will be placed on academic probation if he/she fails to meet the following requirements:

    Cumulative Credit Hours Attempted

    GPA Requirement

    0 through 30 semester credit hours


    Greater than 30 semester credit hours



    Freshmen students, 30 or fewer credit hours, with a GPA of 1.7 to less than 2.0 will be placed on Academic Notice.

    The 2.0 GPA required for retention does not include grades earned in activity and/or performance courses not related to the student's degree objective. He/she will not be allowed to enroll at Rose State College for a minimum period of a 16-week semester (fall or spring). Students who are admitted on probation after having been suspended for poor academic performance will be required to enroll in and successfully complete STSR 1102, Educational Planning.

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    Academic Forgiveness

    Currently enrolled students may be granted academic forgiveness by repeating individual courses or reprieving complete semesters. Although all courses and grades will be reflected in a student's cumulative GPA, those courses that are forgiven will not be used in calculating the student's retention and graduation GPA's. All academic forgiveness requests require the College Registrar’s approval. An application for Academic Forgiveness must be filed in the Office of Admissions and Records. Academic forgiveness must be requested prior to the end of a student’s graduating term.

    Repeated Courses

    Students can retake courses and have only the second grade earned count in the retention/graduation GPA calculation up to a maximum of four courses (not to exceed
    18 hours) in which the original grade earned was a "D" or "F." Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to receive more information about the procedure.

    Academic Reprieve

    A student may request an academic reprieve of up to two consecutive semesters if he/she can demonstrate to the appropriate institutional officials extraordinary circumstances which contributed to or caused the student to do poorly. Guidelines for reprieves include, but are not limited to:
    1) at least three years must elapse between the time
    grades were earned and the reprieve request;
    2) prior to requesting the reprieve, the student must have
    earned a GPA of 2.00 or higher with no grade lower than
    a "C" in all regularly graded course work (minimum of 12
    hours) excluding activity or performance courses;
    3) a student must petition for a reprieve according to
    institution policy;
    4) a student cannot receive more than one reprieve in
    his/her academic career; and,
    5) a student cannot combine an academic reprieve with
    an academic renewal request.
    Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to
    receive more information about procedure.

    Academic Renewal

    A currently enrolled student who has been out of higher education for a number of years may request that all course work over five (5) years old not be counted in the retention/graduation GPA. Requirements for academic renewal include:
    1) A student may receive only one academic renewal in
    his/her academic career;
    2) Prior to requesting the renewal, the student must have
    earned a 2.00 or higher with no grade lower than a “C” in
    all regularly graded course work (minimum of 12 hours)
    excluding activities or performance courses;
    3) All courses will remain on the student’s transcript;
    4) Renewal courses cannot be used for hours or content
    toward graduation or degree requirements;
    5) A student may not combine an academic reprieve and
    an academic renewal request; and,
    6) A student must be a currently enrolled undergraduate
    Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to
    receive more information about the procedure.

    Academic Suspension Appeals

    Rose State College students who have been placed on academic suspension for the first time may petition the Admissions Committee for reinstatement based on documented extraordinary personal circumstances that contributed to their academic requirements. There is not an appeal process for students suspended for the second time.

    Reinstatement of Suspended Students

    A student who is academically suspended by Rose State College the first time may be considered for reinstatement after one sixteen-week semester (fall or spring). The College Registrar will interview each student making a request for reinstatement and inform him/her of the academic progress that is expected. Students reinstated after one sixteen-week semester of suspension must satisfactorily complete, during the first semester of reinstatement, STSR 1102, Educational Planning, and must progress academically as specified in the State Regents' policy for probationary students.

    A student suspended from Rose State College for the second time may receive consideration for reinstatement after one year (two full semesters, fall and spring) and only after he/she has demonstrated, by attending another institution, the ability to succeed academically by raising his/her cumulative GPA to the retention standards.
    A student suspended for the first time in a spring semester will be allowed to enroll in the immediately following summer term. Enrollment will be limited to core academic courses that meet the general education or degree requirements. To continue in the fall semester, the student must achieve a 2.0 semester GPA or raise their retention GPA to the required level. The student's transcript will note suspension at the end of the
    spring semester.

    Reinstatement of Suspended Students at State System
    Students suspended from all other Oklahoma State System institutions may be eligible for admission to Rose State College. Each student seeking admission to Rose State College under this category will be interviewed by the College Registrar and advised of the requirements for admission. These requirements include satisfactory completion, during the first semester of reinstatement, of STSR 1102, Educational Planning, and the planning of a class schedule with an Academic Advisor. Each student will be informed of the availability of tutoring, study skills instruction, and counseling. Students admitted in this category will be placed on academic probation and must meet the State Regents' Retention Standards.

    Transcripts of Credit
    The Office of Admissions and Records will send the student's transcript upon the student's written request to any college or agency named. Proper photo identification will be required before a transcript may be requested. Students may also retrieve an unofficial transcript at the College’s web site: using their Student ID number. Transcript KIOSKS, where students can print their own official transcripts, are located in the Administration Building Lobby. Students need their student ID numbers and passwords. Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to receive more information.

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