Getting Started with D2L for Faculty

Learning Community and Orientation

All faculty have access to the same online learning community as students which includes an orientation to the college and D2L. Look for a message on your D2L My Home page about this great resource! For help with your Rose D2L login, please see the D2L Login Help for Faculty page.

What is D2L?

Desire2Learn, abbreviated D2L, is a learning management system which allows participants to engage in online classroom and community activities through a web browser. Each user has an account protected by a username and password so the system can make sure that the user has access to the proper groups, materials, and activities and keep track of the user's progress. All classes at Rose State College have an associated D2L site whether they are considered online or not. Many student clubs and organizations use D2L as well. We have used D2L to conduct Student Senate elections and surveys.

Through D2L, professors can make the syllabus, calendar, handouts, Powerpoints, links, audio, and video available to students via the Internet. Students can communicate with classmates individually through an internal D2L email system and publically through class discussion forums. Some instructors use the online testing capbability of D2L to reduce or eliminate the need for paper tests. Some instructors use the online file submission tool that allows students to submit assignments electronically without the need for printing them. In short, D2L has a tool that can substitute for most typical classroom activities.

One could argue that, in many cases, D2L allows for greater interaction, engagement, and flexibility than a campus classroom confined by four walls and a clock. In the case of an online class, D2L becomes the learning environment in which activities found in a traditional class take place. It is as robust, if not more so, than an on campus class. Note: This flexibility and accessibility comes with a price. Taking a fully online class is a lot of work. All interaction must ultimately be read and written (typed). That takes more time than similar actvities in a face-to-face class. When D2L is used to augment an on campus class, materials become more readiliy available, discussions become more accessible, and assignments become more easily submitted.

System check

When you access Rose D2L for the first time on your computer, it is recommended that you run a system check to ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. The System Check link may be found on the Rose D2L Help site and on the D2L login page. The system check ensures that you have the proper core plug-ins, a supported web browser, proper browser settings, and appropriate display settings. If you fail a component of the system check, you will receive an error message explaining why you failed and what actions to take to meet the requirements.

You need to allow pop-ups in your browser, toolbar, and security software on the domain. This is tested in the System Check. In addition to the System Check items, you will have a much better D2L experience if you add the server web address to your trusted sites in your browser and any security software. See directions below for help with this in Internet Explorer. For help with other browsers and security software, conduct an Internet search using the search phrase, add trusted site in [application-name], where [application-name] is the name of your browser or security software.

  1. Click Internet Options in the Tools menu.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click Trusted Sites.
  4. Click the Sites button.
  5. Type into the textbox.
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. Leave the Require server verification (https://) box checked.
  8. Click the Close button to exit the Trusted Sites dialog box.
  9. Click OK to exit the Internet Options dialog box.

Logging In

For help with your Rose D2L login, please see the D2L Login Help for Faculty page.

Accessing Your Courses

When you login to your Rose D2L account, you will see a My Courses widget in which your courses are listed. These courses are grouped on tabs according to the roles in which you are assigned in them. On each tab, semesters are grouped together and may be expanded or collapsed by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) signs, respectively. If you have access to a large number of courses, you may see a search box in the My Courses widget instead of a list of courses. In this case, just type part of the course name in the search box to access a course. Neither instructors nor students are removed from D2L courses once they have been added. If a new instructor is assigned, that instructor will be added once the next D2L bulk import is run. If you are no longer the instructor of a course, you may remove yourself from the Classlist just as you would remove another student.

D2L Shells for Course Development

Any instructor may request a D2L Sandbox Course which may be used to experiment with the D2L tools, try out ideas, and view publisher packages. If you desire a more formal course for D2L development, you may request a D2L shell with a more specific name. We have created several master courses in which an individual or team of instructors develops and shares components with other instructors. Please contact the Rose D2L Helpdesk with any requests along this line, and we will be happy to help.

Student Access and Class Rosters

Students are added, manually, to Rose D2L each day beginning about two weeks before the start of the semester through the end of the enrollment period. Note that students enrolled in shortened term classes will be added at the beginning of the full term. Instructors may control start and end dates through which students have access by editing the D2L course offering information. Instructors may control access on an individual basis by unenrolling the student or changing their role to Denied Access through the D2L Classlist. In fact, instructors may add any existing D2L user to a course through the D2L Classlist at any time. Instructors should make a habit of cross-checking the real-time class rosters through PeopleSoft with the D2L Classlist and adjusting the D2L Classlist as necessary. The Peoplesoft roster is always the official, accurate roster for your class.

Posting Information for Online Classes

Instructors should make every attempt to have textbook information, class requirements (including any on-campus requirements), and class policies available to students in online classes one week prior to the first day of class.

Course E-mail

Rose D2L Email is a send-only system which means that you may send email in D2L through the Classlist or any other place where an email message may be composed. The messages you send through D2L will appear in your Sent Mail folder in D2L. Receiving and replying to email takes place in college email accounts as do all other official college communications. It is important that all users ensure that they can access email accounts and resolve issues as soon as possible. Since the D2L system does not flag new email messages, users must check campus email accounts for new mail frequently. As a general rule, users should check email every other day during a 16-week semester and every day during an 8-week semester. For your convenience, you will find an Employee Email link in the D2L navigation bar for quick access to your email account. 

Contact with Students between Semesters

From time to time, students try to contact professors between semesters. Please check for e-mail and phone messages periodically and respond if possible. At a minimum, set up your Out-of-Office Assistant in Outlook to auto-respond with a generic message. Your message may state that you are unavailable and students may contact the division office for a course syllabus or for academic advice. This simple courtesy will help address most student concerns and relieve anxiety.

Desire2Learn Community

All instructors are invited to join the Desire2Learn Community and participate in discussion forums with other faculty who use Desire2Learn. Click the Enrollment link at the top, right corner of the D2L Community page to register.

Online Resources

Instructional Support Center Calendar

View the Instructional Support Center Calendar for coming training sessions.

Need More Help?

Instructors seeking help with Desire2Learn, should first consult the resources available under the Content link in the Instructional Support Center. If you need further assistance, please contact the Rose D2L Helpdesk.

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