Global and Cultural Learning Program

Program Objectives 

  •  Acknowledge that different groups have different perspectives on the same issues and occurrences
  • Comprehend diverse/global perspectives and values
  • Function more effectively as members of an increasingly multicultural society
  • See the world through multiple perspectives of diverse people
  • Recognize the commonalities all humans share
  • Develop an appreciation of the diversity of human culture
  • Appreciate values, customs, and social systems of various cultures

Upcoming Study Tours

May 2015
Ireland, Wales, and England

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  College Study Tours Website



July 2015

New York City

  PDF Flyer about the New York City tour

  New York Tour Website

July 2015



PDF of the Hawaii Flyer

Oklahoma Study Abroad Website


May 2016

Paris, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria

  PDF Flyer about the Paris, Switzerland, Germany and Austria Tour

  Explorica Website


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