Grade Reporting In A Nut Shell

Grade Reporting In A Nut Shell

Follow these steps to record grades in the PeopleSoft Student Information System:

  1. On the internal RSC web page, click the link in the left column labeled "RSC Applications 'OASIS' (Student Information Systems, Helpdesk, Property Movement Forms, Directory)."

    If accessing the system from off our campus, use the URL:

  2. Log on. Use your network id (i.e., first initial of first name followed by last name) and your network password (which is case sensitive).
  3. Click the Self Service link.
  4. Click the Gradebook link.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Faculty Center link.
  6. Click the Grade Roster icon (appears in the right column, if available).
  7. Click the term for which you want to record grades.
  8. Enter a grade for each student.
  9. Change the approval status in the drop-down box to Approved.

    Note: You cannot change the approval status to "Approved" until all students
    have received a grade.

  10. Click the Save button in the lower left corner of the screen.
  11. Print two copies. Sign and date one copy – this copy will go to your division office. Keep the second copy for your records.  (Print by selecting File, Print on the menu in Internet Explorer.) 

Note: For incomplete grades, specify the requirements to satisfy the incomplete grade on the back of the division copy.

To change a grade that has been posted, complete a grade change form through Admissions and Records.

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