Great Issues Lecture Series

Great Issues Lecture Series

Spring schedule: TBA

Archived Great Issues Lectures

Many of our Great Issues Lectures from previous semesters are available for download on the Rose State College iTunes U page.

  • What are They Thinking? Poverty as Cultural Paradigm by Sherry Alexander
  • Affluence Issues in Oklahoma's Native American Culture by Gena Timberland
  • The State of Our Environment: It's Not All Doom and Gloom by Daniel Ratcliff
  • The Federal Stimulus in Oklahoma by Steve Burrage
  • Democratization of Information Defined by Suzanne Thomas
  • Media Representation of Women and Consumption Patterns by John Carl
  • Censorship in the Arts by Kristin Hahn
  • Information Overdose: Democratization of Communication and It's Unintended Consequences by James Hochtritt
  • Truthiness and Wikipedia by Caryl Gibbs
  • Spinning Democracy: How Advertising and the News Use Propaganda and How You Can Detect and Fight It by John Wood
  • Malcolm, Martin, and Bobby: Values Embodied by Leaders of a Short but Large Life by Robert Davis
  • Sharing of Information:  How It Has Evolved and What Its Future Might Be by Sharon Saulmon
  • If the Fence Could Talk by Brad Robison
  • Your Health Records: Who Has Access? by Linda Whaley
  • Masculinity on Display: The Knight's Tale as Public Spectacle by Kevin Caliendo

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