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Rose State is the college chosen by hundreds of home schooled students each year.  Why?  Because we provide a great environment for transitioning to college.  Our classes are small
from day one - no mega sections like at large universities.  Our professors are dedicated to teaching first and foremost, and student success is their number one focus.

Rose State may have small class sizes but it is not small on delivering a solid college experience.  We offer over 35 clubs and organizations, student senate, a school newspaper, and collegiate and intramural sports.  Rose has a 1400 seat professional theater where we regularly host national performers, with student ticket discounts. 

If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, Rose State has opportunities for that too.  We offer leadership and other scholarships that allow you to study the art of leadership while participating in experiences that will develop these skills.

If you think you might want some assistance with the transition to college you can take advantage of our Student Success Center.  Here you will find study skills workshops, seminars, and other support services to help make your transition to college a successful one.

See below what some of our home schooled students have said about their experiences at Rose State.

Josh Maxwell, Moore Oklahoma

"I was homeschooled and I knew Rose State College was actually very good with Homeschoolers. A lot of the professors here are really good with going from being homeschooled to being in classes. There is a large homeschooled community here. The main reason I came to here was that I applied for their scholarships and got the full ride with the President’s Leadership Class. A lot of my friends were here and I knew it had a good atmosphere because they were here."

Jacob McGuiness
“When I first came here I got a scholarship letter for a scholarship I wasn’t eligible for yet because of my age and I took an honors history class with Dean Fisher for a semester. Mr. Fisher helped me pick out other classes with teachers he knew had a reputation with students like me.”

“I did a 14-page paper on the Cuban Missile Crisis my first semester here. Mr. Fisher was my mentor in writing it and it helped a lot. He showed me that learning was more than just getting test grades, that you go past that to a level of information that isn’t just expected of you but delving into the information because you want to learn it. At the time, Fidel Castro was in the news as having poor health and there was all this discussion going on about what were to happen were he to die. There were all these allusions to the Cuban power structure and government and all these references to it…I wanted to know the back story. I want to know why stuff happens, not just that it happened.”


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