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Our New Counterterrorism Online Courses

Terrorism is in the news almost daily. Preventing terrorism is vital to both our national security and homeland defense. Counterterrorism is a proactive, intelligence driven, tactical process with the central goal of the prevention of terrorism. Rose State College’s counterterrorism courses were developed to educate students, local/state employees, employers, scholars, first responders, business employers, and employees, as well as, average citizens to have a better understanding of terrorism and its prevention. Through our courses you will learn how analysis, intelligence, and investigative operations come together to prevent terrorism.

Rose State College will offer a series of college credit courses in counterterrorism that will ultimately become a degree path in the criminal justice program. These eight week courses are all online with the first two classes beginning in January in the spring semester, and the other two beginning in March. You can earn an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, with an option in Counterterrorism by taking all four courses, plus the other required courses for this degree. 

These courses will also be offered as a non-credit online course, through the Rose State College Community Learning Center.


Who are our courses designed for?

Students who are interested in the following majors or fields:

  • Criminal Justice

  • Political Science

  • Journalism

  • First Responder careers

  • Cyber Security

Employees/employers especially in the following areas:

  • All types of law enforcement

  • First Responders

  • Local/State government offices

  • Educators

  • Military

  • Business managers


Counterterrorism Courses-Credit and Non-Credit

Counterterrorism 1113                             Introduction to Counterterrorism I

Counterterrorism 1213                             Introduction to Counterterrorism II

Counterterrorism 1513                             Intelligence and Counterterrorism

Counterterrorism 2123                             Domestic Terrorism Threat
Additional Counterterrorism courses will be added later in 2015.


Enroll Now for our Online Credit and Non-Credit Classes.

For more information please call (405) 736-0374.


Meet Our Staff

David Cid - Director
Homeland Security Institute
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Ed Killebrew - A Senior Fellow
Homeland Security Institute
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