Honors Coursework

Honors Coursework


Each semester several honors classes will be offered, usually in courses which meet general education requirements. These classes will offer greater depth than regular sections of the same course as well as more classroom interaction. (The classes are also opened to any interested student.)


Most semesters the RSC Honors Program hosts a series of public lectures funded by the Don Reynolds Lectureship Endowment.  Students may contract with a professor to view these lectures and then complete a designated number of written critical responses to the presentations for honors in that professor’s class.


Students may contract with faculty members in certain academic courses. The contracts are designed as extensions to the regular scheduled courses and, if completed satisfactorily, will earn honors credit for a non-honors class. In completing the contract, students meet on a scheduled basis with the instructor. The contract may include reading and writing assignments, expanded field or laboratory work, and research papers or other designated projects.


A number of scholarships are available to students in the RSC Honors Program. Details of awards and application procedures for scholarships are available from the Honors Director.


  1. opportunity for greater personal growth
  2. opportunity for greater depth in areas of interest
  3. opportunity for greater transcript and resume impact
  4. opportunity for transfer into university honors programs
  5. opportunity for peer and professor interaction

CONTACT: Professor Kevin Caliendo, FA 117, kcaliendo@rose.edu

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