Human Resources

The goal of the Human Resources Specialization is prepare the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to gain access to career opportunities in the human resources field. In addition, this program is designed to augment the skills and knowledge of current HR professionals and other managerial personnel. the course works a student completes in the human resources option will enhance the student's ability to become a training specialist, compensation analyst, recruiter, employee relation specialist, human resource generalist, or choose from a vast area of titles in this exciting career field.

Degree requirements (PDF)


Program objectives provide the student with:

  •  The skills needed in the training and development of human resources.
  • The skills needed to facilitate an effective workforce in developing labor-management relations.
  • The skills needed to facilitate a successful work environment with a comprehensive foundation of the legal aspects dealing with employment law.
  • The skills needed to hire, fire, and promote people in small or large organizations.
  • The skills needed to coach and counsel employees to resolve problems and improve productivity and job satisfaction.
  • The skills needed to develop and implement compensation strategies.

Required Competency 

Computer competency is required. The requirement is satisfied with either one of the following two courses or by passing a computer competency exam. If you have met the requirement, replace the course with another course that will enhance your understanding and performance in the human resource profession.

  •  CIT 1093, Microcomputer Applications


  •  CIT 1103, Introduction to Computers

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