Limericks from Global Oklahoma 2010

Limericks from Global Oklahoma

We had great fun at Global Oklahoma passing out bookmarks (Books Bring Good Luck) andencouraging participants to write a limerick. Limericks were named after an city in Ireland, Global Oklahoma's featured country. Find out more about limericks at--

View our brochure entry form and bibliography.

Here's a sample of a few of our entries.

Here I sit at Rose State The show on display is first rate
The vendors and their tables show lots of wares
Some even offer great Irish prayers
And the food is tempting that I want a whole plate. --Craig Dawkins
Graphic of Clover
There one was an author at Rose
Who like writing passionate prose
Though his sentence structure was strong
It turned out all wrong
And an offended reader punched him in the nose! --John Primo

He could've been everyone's boss
But He loved humanity's dross
Sacrificial determination
Bought eternal salvation
When He died on Calvary's cross. --David Lowen

There once was a girl from Midwest
Who didn't think she'd pass the test.
She came to Rose,
Learned and now knows
That she can do her best. --Sharon Saulmon

There once lived a wise Brontosaurus.
He fed in a primeval forest.
While happily nourished,
His vocabulary flourished
By nibbling a Roget's Thesaurus. -- David Lowen

The Sooners took a trip to Dallas
Hoping not to come back with a callous.
Headed by a man with a 'stache,
If we win, we'll have a bash.
So let's play with lots of malice. --Lori Primo

While sipping a cup of Darjeeling,
The lookout's report set him reeling.
Titanic is done!
There's no where to run!
Captain Smith had a strange sinking feeling. -- David Lowen

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