Local Oklahoma

Rose State College has hosted Global Oklahoma: A Festival of Cultures for many years. The purpose of Global Oklahoma has been to celebrate the heritage of the many cultures that comprise Oklahoma. Celebrations of many cultures have occurred, and the College is pleased to have been able to highlight the many nations and groups that have been featured.

For 2014-2015, the College modified Global Oklahoma to be a series of events collectively called Local Oklahoma: A Festival of Community. As a community college, Rose State College is aware of its mission to serve the communities that support it. We will be celebrating the communities from which we emerged in 1970. Events will take place on the campus, at the Atkinson Heritage Center, and at community venues. The plans for this series of Local Oklahoma: A Festival of Community events are being finalized. We hope you will watch for more information at this website, and plan to join us as we celebrate the communities that support Rose State College and its mission.

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