Marketing [Associate in Applied Science]

Marketing is an attitude, philosophy, perspective that stresses customer relationships to provide satisfaction.  The American Marketing Association's definition is: "Marketing is the process of planning and executing, the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals."

  • Marketing plays an important role in society.
  • Marketing is important to business.
  • Marketing offers outstanding career opportunities.
  • Marketing affects our everyday life with about half of every dollar we spend going for marketing costs such as Marketing research, product development, packaging, transportation, storage, advertising, and sales expenses.

Discipline Professors:

Gary Murray

Art Zenner

Jim Hester

Suggested Schedule

The suggested course sequence is based on twelve hours per semester.  The general education courses are not listed in the suggestion course sequence.   Students are advised to enroll in a combination of Business Administration specialty courses and general education courses. 

A typical program of students includes:

MKTG 1503 MKTG 2123 EC 2343 BA 2413
MKTG 2103 MKTG 2213 BA 2503 MKTG 2313
BA 1103 ACCT 1123 MKTG 2513 MKTG 2513
BA 1303 MGMT 2103    


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