Music Engineering and Industry (Liberal Studies)

Overview of Music Engineering & Industry

The Music Engineering & Industry area specializes in preparing engineers, managers, and producers for immediate entry into today’s music industry or for transfer to a bachelor's degree program. This program’s curriculum emphasizes real-world, practical, and hands-on experiences and provides opportunities for immediate application of the information delivered in the classroom and abroad.  An embedded certificate is available.Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skill sets necessary to become successful and maintain those successes in their industry pursuits. This program's curriculum emphasizes real-world, practical, and hands-on experiences and provides opportunities for immediate application of the information delivered in the classroom and abroad. We are also the only program in the state that certifies its graduates on the world industry-standard platform Pro Tools. The capstone of this program, which coincides with the development and completion of a portfolio, is an internship with an industry company (label, studio, sound production company, firm, College etc.).

Our engineers have and continue to work for the OKC Thunder, OKC Redhawks, and OKC Barons, as well as several area studios, production companies, radio, and television stations.


Our program generally takes 4 semesters (2 years) to complete. Degree plan

What is entailed?

Specific objectives include equipping the student with:

    • A concrete understanding of the science and philosophy of sound and music
    • The ability to effectively and intelligently operate as an engineer both studio and live settings
    • A thorough knowledge of the music industry as pertaining to engineering, production, management, and music business law
    • An educational foundation of English, history, government, science, mathematics, and liberal arts appropriate for students transferring to a four-year institution.

Specific topics discussed include:
-American Music Industry
-Applied Music Instruction
-Artist & Talent Management
-Aural Skills
-Music Business and Music Business Law
-Music Production
-Music Theory
-Songwriting (Arranging, Composition, and Lyric Writing)
-Studio & Venue Design
-Studio & Live Engineering
-Studio Recording Technologies
-Venue/Live Sound Technologies
-Video Game Audio

What happens after graduation?

The music industry is one of the largest industries on the planet. There is tremendous potential for success in today’s market. This success is unique to the individual, which is something that sets our industry apart. Most students enter the industry immediately following graduation, though there is the capability of continuing on at a 4-year institution.

Why choose RSC Music Engineering & Industry?

Small Class Sizes and LOTS of one-on-one with your instructor! Classes are kept small to maintain classroom quality, teaching effectiveness and delivery, and to insure direct access to instructors.

Opportunities to work with industry-standard hardware and software learning from expert faculty. All faculty carry industry-standard certifications and credentials and are consistently active in the industry outside of class. This insures the most relevant and up-to-date information is being presented in lecture.

Potential for paid internships with area titans! Internships are extremely important to the development and success of all aspiring engineers, producers, and artists. Our program is fortunate to partner with several titans of entertainment in the OKC area, which insures a quality experience and increases the hireability of our graduates.

What can you expect to earn after graduation? This is entirely dependent on YOU! With so many areas to seek employment, the limit is really that which you place on yourself!

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