Net Price Calculator

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is part of a federal mandate to help prospective students make an informed decision about the cost of college and what kind of financial aid package they might expect. The calculator will give an estimate of what it will cost to attend Rose State College for a year.

It is very important to remember that the calculator provides an estimate of costs. Many other factors will determine what the overall cost and aid package will be. For example: number of credit hours, deadlines, academics, degree plan, scholarships, etc.

The Net Price Calculator does not take into account loans. The Federal Direct Lending Program provides low cost student loans to students who may need help paying for their education.

Rose State College does not have on-campus housing, so market estimates have been used for living expenses. Your circumstances may differ.

Also, it is important to note that the Net Price Calculator is based on the 2011-2012 academic year. Tuition increases are not included in the calculation.

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