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Who we are and what we do:

We are the non-traditional students of Rose State College; meaning that we are not right out of high school, but we might be a combination of: Veterans, Parents, Spouses, and/or anyone that has returned to college to pursue a higher education.

What we do is have fun while supporting each other academically and socially in family-friendly social activities.

The NTSO is committed to providing support, friendships, and guidance to Non-Traditional students at Rose State College; encouraging them to become active in academic, social, and recreational opportunities on campus.

Together we can help each other hang out, study, relax, or chat. Make friends with your fellow Non-Trans. Share experiences and wisdom. Relieve stress, find childcare or scholarships.

When and Where we meet:

We hold meetings on the second and last Fridays at 12 P.M. in room SS 137.

You can also find us on the D2L

For questions, comments, or concerns; please contact one of the NTSO Officers or advisors

For a list of officers and contact emails or for advisors see officers' page.

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