Organize My Ideas

How do I organize my ideas?

An essay includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body paragraphs can be arranged in various ways, depending upon your subject, purpose in writing, and audience. Some choices for organization are the following:

  • Chronological (time order)
  • Spatial (top to bottom, left to right, etc.)
  • General to specific
  • Specific to general
  • Order of importance
  • Problem-Solution

Make an informal outline to begin. Include key general points in the order they will be covered. Under key points, list specifics you can use as support.


Thesis Statement: The practice of restorative yoga helps a person to relieve the effects of chronic stress by moving the spine in all directions, reversing the effects of gravity, and soothing the internal organs.

Informal Outline:

  • Use of props
  • Stretch long muscles of lower back
  • Antidote to bad posture
  • Relieve tension on intervertebral discs
  • Reversing the effects of gravity
  • Inverted poses
  • Three basic
  • Heart function enhanced
  • Soothing internal organs
  • Forward bends
  • Backward bends
  • Blood movement
  • Enhanced exchange of oxygen

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